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The Family 1x08 + Supergirl 3x05 Reviewed

Sweet Jane
The mom sleeping drunk on a park bench incident leads to blackmail. Grant Show shows up. The vile reporter is played by Maggie from ’Supergirl’! The perv’s wife isn't his wife because in 16 years - he still hasn't put a ring on it. The creeper’s mother was dumb. The creeper taunts the mother and says it was her fault Adam was taken. Willa and the vile reporter are a couple now? Ben acts weird and nobody notices his weirdness. Until they do. John has a sex offender friend? Ben faces being thrown out of the house. TPTB condemn people who worry about those on the sex offender register. WTF is wrong with them? Danny is useless. The perv aka Doug has been Jane’s boyfriend since high school. Did Jane just kill someone to protect Doug? Looks like it. Jane knows what a pervert Doug is and has covered for him before! Oh gross! John and Nina are publicly shamed. Doug and Hank the creeper know each other. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“We didn’t get to choose what we got.”

“How are you this person?”

“He was safer out in the rain.”

“Where did I go wrong with you?”

“Church it up.”

This was okay as Maggie and Alex break up in boring fashion and Morgan Edge frames Lena for causing lead poisoning in children. The opening narration has changed. Alex has drama, Reign bodes ill and bloody Chris Wood is still in the cast list. Where is Max Lord? Edge naturally caused the fake lead poisoning outbreak by tainting a pool. Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) preens and this was directed by Kevin Smith.

Morgan Edge is oppositional and Lena is all wan and sacrificial. Nobody has an endearing personality. There are moral arguments and sustained duplicity. The accusation is status threatening for Lena. The characters utter liberal writer tracts. This was not madly entertaining. Shameless cad Edge has no moral framework. Lena does not enjoy criticism. James is shot. Is he still a vigilante? James is a jerk and he has misblamed Lena before.

Lena is put upon. Winn is a useless idiot. People are caught in the quicksand of their own decisions. The Maggie and Alex break-up isn’t devastatingly sad. Edge has outrageous bombast. Lena is woebegone and has a moral conscience. TPTB are copying the early clex dynamic from ‘Smallville’. Kara needs to renew Lena’s spirit. Kara and Reign find a pattern of contact that fingers Edge as the baddie but he still gets away with it. Lena exhorts how she wants to be scrupulously moral yet she still menaces Edge.

Lena is caught in a death trap but escapes as Edge tries to poison a reservoir for no apparent reason. Edge has no moral purpose. Lena has made a very bad person very angry. There is bad VFX and ill will. Edge sneers and sisterhood is declared. But Reign is belatedly realising that she isn’t human.

Best Lines:
“Is there a question coming?”

“Lock her up! Lock her up!”


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