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Movie Reviews: Terminator Genisys + 3 others

Terminator Genisys (2015)
This has Emilia Clarke, robots running extermination camps, Jai Courtney, an exposition dump opening narration, Matthew Smith, John Connor being the big wooden hero, stuff blowing up, Arnie being Arnie and Kyle being bland. John and Kyle look like angry potatoes. SkyNet invited time-travel and sent the T-800 back to foil John. There is bored line delivery and this subscribes to the great man of history idea. How do the Resistance in the future know what a microwave is? A Resistance member (Smith) turns out to be a T-5000. He attacks John and does something very bad to him.

2 Arnie’s brawl as history changes. Loads of terminators run around. StormShadow from the ‘GI Joe’ movies plays a T-1000. Sarah is a bad-ass. Sarah (Clarke) doesn’t want to mate with Kyle. Nice Arnie ‘smiles’. Sarah quips and wants to stop SkyNet. Sarah and Arnie somehow built a time machine in 1984. Kyle and Sarah head to 2017.

There is talk about separate time lines and nexus points and a vastly different futures. A crazy conspiracy theorist yells. SkyNet is now a badly spelled OS. John has been turned into a Terminator, which the trailer gave away. This was mmmm. Matthew Smith was nice and creepy as the T-5000. Otherise this was a shrug.

Best Line:
“Born after Judgement Day into a broken world. Ruled by the machines.”

“Final weapon.”

“There is no tomorrow.”

“The machines fell but it was too late.”

“Scared and weak.”

“Tactical time weapon.”

“We’re screwed aren’t we?”
“Pretty much.”

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

D.E.B.S (2004)

Man On The Moon (1999)
A funny account of a comedian who was a formative influence.
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