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Westworld 1x02&1x03 + Acquitted (2015) 1x01 + Inhumans 1x03 Reviewed

Two friends, one of whom is Logan (Ben Barnes) visit Westworld. A greeter, Angela (Talulah Riley), is a host and seems to know she is an AI. She’s all white stilettos, a blonde bleach job, shiny shiny teeth and too much make up. Meanwhile Dolores does a lot of staring. How did Logan and his mate get on the train? Maeve is on the fritz. What is Lowe up to? The MIB does stuff. What launch are the park staff on about? Why is the MIB behaving so abominably? Everyone has deceitfulness. Guests defy societal norms. Logan has a foursome. The hosts aren’t treated with dignity.

The park workers are all jerks. This ep doesn’t leave you alert and engaged. What is with the creepy kid host (Oliver Bell of ‘Salem‘)? There are host snakes. WTF? Maeve recalls a past narrative and wakes up naked in a Westworld lab. Dolores gets a gun. Lee needs a slap. Ford can’t pronounce garish. Billy is not Logan’s friend. No to this.

Best Lines:
“Guns and tits and all that.”

“Smile is good.”

“Horse piss you strain through your old curtains.”

“Never open your mouth that wide unless someone’s paying you for it.”

“The savage lands.”

“It’s not exactly a savage horde with 20 savages, is it?”

“I’m never going back.”

“Tragically ill-fated sidekicks.”

The Stray
Logan is perv. A host wears a pimp coat. Bradford Tatum the ruiner of ‘The Burning Zone’ is in this as Dolores’ new daddy. Lowe and his wife (Gina Torres) talk about their dead son. Ford tinkers. I just do not care about Teddy and Dolores. Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) worries about a host uprising. Elsie steals. Is Stubbs a host? Clementine lurks. Lee annoys and this was boring.

Ford had a partner named Arnold. A de-aged Hopkins is shown. Freaky. Why can’t the Westworld employees talk to home on a regular basis? There is darkness and who is the voice in Dolores’ head? This is all what is the stars mumbling. Westworld costs $40,000 a day. How does it stay in business?

Best Lines:
“Someone get the minister down here for what’s left of the Deputy.”

“I sleep with this.”
“I bet you do.”

“Dead enough.”

“Ah yes, your mysterious back-story.”

“Formless guilt you will never atone for.”

“Belonged to something that had yet to come.”

“Shoot and don’t stop shooting.”

Acquitted (2015) 1x01
This Norwegian drama sees Aksel return to his hometown. He’s a rich mouth breather. He has a wife and son and is called back to his hometown. His old family business is in peril. He was convicted of his girlfriend’s murder 20 years ago but got off on appeal. He spent 1 year in prison, he deffo did it. He has resting bitch face. He lies about his past to his in-laws. His sister hates him. Or is she his mother? Who is she to him? It's unclear. He’s a rude smug jerk and I don’t pity him. I don’t like him or this.

Best Line:
“Hobbit land down there.”

Divide And Conquer
Black Bolt is in jail and this ep is ill-conceived. Some dudes (one of whom is Henry Ian Cusick of ‘Lost’) know he is an inhuman. Why do people act like the royals are the epitome of propriety? There are flashbacks to the past that show the transformations of Maximus and Black Bolt and the very different reactions their parents had to them.

Black Bolt is an irritant. The blonde orange stick pretending to be a scientist gurns. Poor Maximus - he was deeply and instinctively devalued by his parents and for being powerless. Or is he powerless? The brothers have a deep ideological divide. Why do people have an enduring loyalty to the royals and their caste system? Medusa is imperious and hateful. Why is she revered? Why is her bitch sister a princess?

Maximus was unwisely slighted and he has clear eyed purpose. Black Bolt has culpability - did he ever try to reach out to his brother? Maximus has motivating rage and carries out visible social action. The inhumans are so sure they’re superior beings. Maximus was tolerated on sufferance. Club kid hair bitch (aka Crystal) acts like she has irreproachable integrity. A dude in a gimp suit is called Mortis. This looks cheap.

Medusa home invades, steals and waves a gun at the blonde orange stick. There are weed farmers and fighting. Crystal doesn’t care about the slaves or social justice. Do TPTB expect us to root for her? I’m sure Maximus’ parents lied about his change and he has his powers from the comics. Medusa and Crystal are bitches - must be genetic. Crystal runs. Black Bolt was always the favourite. There is a prison break and I HATED this ep.

Best Line:
“Cow dog.”
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