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Book Review: Tales From A Talking Board, part 3

Tales From A Talking Board edited by Ross E Lockhart, part 3

When The Evil Days Come Not
In the future morons do annoying things and they have negative consequences. This was deliberately esoteric, intellectually unimpressive and deliberately unintelligible.

Grief stricken parents do something stupid. This has no totally believable earnestness and I’ve a disinclination to care.

Spin The Throttle
A wannabe hard-boiled tale of party-goers who are hell-obsessed and visibly bored. This was all stale, worthless clichés and it was a drudge to read.

A tale that makes no sense and is deplorable.

Best Line:
“Like a spider with fists.”

Deep Into The Skin
A tattoo artist faces occulted horrors. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“The town’s reputation of corruption and dark doings,”

“Angry creditors.”

The Burnt Sugar Stench
A cop and a psychic look for a missing girl and face diabolical forces. Okay.
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