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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Supergirl’ 3x06 promo
The sisters bond.

‘Better Watch Out’ trailer
A Christmas movie about a babysitter, snow, lights, decorations and a home invader. There is a gun and things go awry. People are tied up and menaced. The baddie isn’t who you think.

Best Line:
“You’re Home Alone-ing him?”

‘The Crown’ season 2 trailer
Does the Queen start tax dodging this season? There are boats, a fashion show, a beard, the press, posh accents, tiaras and an old dude. Britain has changed but the monarchy hasn’t. There is a motorbike and a headscarf. There is walking and was that Jackie Kennedy?

Best Lines:
“One more national embarrassment.”

“I’m currently out-ranked by my 8 year old son!”

“No possibility of my forgiving you!”

‘Nowhere Fast’ promo

Apple & Mango juice - mmmm.

En Peril Mortel

Who is an irresponsible burden? Who makes mess and screams about pills and heaters? A jerk who everyone hates.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Breath like a bear.”

“Still considered lunacy by many.”

“Probably something that wouldn’t happen to a normal person.”

“Seen and treated as an inconvenience.”

“So remote most people don’t know it exists.”

“Badger’s Tract.”

“Unexpressed presumption.”

“So charming he could seduce a chair.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Historically illiterate.”

“Poop doping.”

“Weaponised masculinity.”

“Creating an atmosphere and a mystique.”

“Who refused to release any albums or play live.”

“Released albums and EPs without titles, artist names or track listings, festivals that decline to inform fans who’s actually playing.”

“Debate rages over precisely how underground underground metal should be.”

“Do not recognise either the events described or the interpretation placed on them.”

“The people in whose name it existed hated it.”

“A deed well meant for humanity.”

“Why anti-poverty campaigner Bono has so much money.”

“You have featured in the Clark diaries as a passing sex interest.”

“Of politicians who should have become leaders, and those who shouldn’t have, but did.”

“Abject failure to publicly embrace the European Union.”

“Expected to be exhausted, lonely and ashamed.”

“Appalled laugh.”

“Uncritical portrayal.”

“Could appear overly opionated when reviewed out of context by someone with a politician motivation.”

RTE News’ Quotes:
“Trump’s bad words.”

“Food producing animals.”

‘Arbella’ Quotes:
“That which the cat left on the malt heap.”

“Came with a ready-made reputation for scurrility.”
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