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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Arrow’ 6x05 promo
Slade is back.

Best Lines:
“Not so nice guys.”

“Don’t make this man angry.”

‘Three Fugitives’ promo

‘The Manchurian Candidate’ (2004) promo

‘Acquitted’ promo
We’ll see.

‘Strange Days’ (1995) promo

‘Safe House’ promo

Kale - okay.
Garlic stuffed olives - okay.
Pate’ di asparagi - yum.

I may review ‘Terminator: Genisys’.

Who saw ‘Whistle Down The Wind’ (1961) or ‘Dick Tracy’ (1990) or ‘The Edge’ (1997) or ‘Just Like Heaven’ (2005) or ‘Under Suspicion’ (1991)?

I tided up LJ photos.

Recall ‘Talk’ magazine?

I listened to a podcast that dealt with ‘Deadly Lessons’ (1983) and the 3 people talking found it hilariously dreadful. They did raise some good points: who cut Lauren’s bridle? Why was Stefanie’s dress so ugly? Where were the cops? Why did Stefanie get a taxi to the school? Why did the killer confess whilst talking in the third person? Why did Althea wear a wig? What was with the posters on the dorm walls?

WTF are albino carrots?

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Artful book choices.”

“Grim, obvious question.”

“Social interactions.”


“Cultural objections.”

“Long ceased to attract critical acclaim.”

“A donkey sanctuary. Useless animals - I’d shoot the lot.”

“Harlot of the parish.”

“His personality remains frustratingly elusive.”


‘The Sunday independent’ Quotes:

“A name for women who congregate around musicians.”

“Will notice and have sex with them.”

“Their status is conferred by the grade of musco they can score.”


“Continuation novels.”

‘FTWeekened’ Quotes:
“You forgot to feed us again.”

“You look like a homeless person.”

‘The War At Sea’ Quotes:
“The British grand fleet.”

“Mighty dreadnoughts.”

“Like none before.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“A good steward of that trust.”

“Mommy quit calling the prison.”

“Entitled to that anger.”

‘SFX’ Quote:
“Trapped inside their histories.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“It contrasted with the harsh, manic face of Adolf Hitler sitting beside his fearsome-looking Alsatian.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Non-sentient birth machines.”

“Basic decency didn’t exist.”

“Responsible for everything that happens to them.”

“Moralistic counterpoint.”


“Very serious thoughts.”

“Fearlessly incorrect common sense.”

“Least developed countries on Earth.”
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