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Book Reviews: The Family Plot + Tales From A Talking Board, part 2

The Family Plot by Cherie Priest
Dahlia and her salvage crew are hired to clear out a decayed southern manse that once had considerable grandeur. It is a job that will have fateful consequences as the owner of the house left a lot of things out about the place. This was an excellent tale of a haunted house, a notoriously vengeful unquiet ghost and inadvisable acts.

Dahlia learns of the creepy ancillary characters of dubious reputation who once lived in the house and the morally dubious things that went on there. This was excellent and unimprovable right down to the bleak ending.

Best Line:
“Be careful with the vows you make
And who you make them to.”

Tales From A Talking Board edited by Ross E. Lockhart, part 2

The Devil And The Bugle Boys
At band camp, boys play with an Ouija board. This was terribly dour with no malevolent smoulder.

Best Line:
“He did not have aisle privileges.”

Weegee Weegee, Tell Me Do
A tale of unrealised dreams. This was deadly serious trash.
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