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Review: Dark Season (1991)

Dark Season (1991)

Classic BBC children’s show created by Russell T. Davies (‘Doctor Who’, ‘Torchwood’) and featuring a young Kate Winslet.

Ep 1
A scary blonde guy who never ever takes off his cheap sunglasses donates a load of dated laptops to a school. Three students: Marcie, Reet and Thom are suspicious. Marcie is the leader and is a vile brat who needs slapping; also she wears hideous early 90’s attire. Reet (Winslet) wears even more hideous early 90’s attire and has a bad henna dye job. Is her character supposed to be colour blind? Finally there’s Thom, who is normal.

The three suspect that scary blonde guy aka Mr Eldritch, who drives a car whose licence plate reads ‘Neme515,’ is up to something. They get even more suspicious when school lickarse Olivia is taken away by Mr Eldritch. This was good with scary opening credits.

Best Lines:
“Nothing in the world can stop me now!”

“Normal is for the comatose!”

“This is mysterious.”

Ep 2
After playing around with one of Eldritch’s free laptops Reet and Thom do a mutual swoon. While Olivia acts like a zombie and glows causing lights to explode. Marcie annoys and investigates ‘Ray Ban Man’ and learns of weird goings on with the computers and a professor who defected. This was okay.

Ep 3
Eldritch carries Reet off. An annoying doubting Thomas teacher is the Scully. Thom and Marcie go to Eldritch’s HQ. There is a twist in the tale and Eldritch is defeated by made up computer technology. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Eldritch has turned their homes into a trap.”

“Send me to borstal.”

“And so it ends.”

Ep 4
It’s a new day and a new danger at school. A group of people are digging up the sports field. Marcie, Reet and Thom face off with a new villain. Nobody points out that Marcie, Reet and Thom never change their hideous pastel clothes.

Marcie thinks the weird things afoot at the sports field are to do with the end of the century. Meanwhile new villain Miss Pendragon wears a really camp turban, while her followers wear grotty wigs. This show may be 18 years old but it is good, the 2nd story is superior to the 1st.

Best Lines:
“The behemoth awakes!”

“It’s not the Temple of Doom.”

“You see danger in a breadbin.”

“Why can’t you be like the other kids and get into fights?”

“It will reach out from the darkness of its tomb, it wants life.”

“I don’t like signs that say out of bounds, keep off the grass, no entry. They never tell you why.”

Ep 5
Thom and Marcie are struck in a tunnel under the school which is part of a long hidden office complex. The annoying teacher continues to be the Scully. This is a dangerous school to go to as it turns out it was built right on top of a war machine. An old enemy returns.

Best Line: “They buried it. But they didn’t bury it deep enough.”

Ep 6
The war machine looks like a lost prop from ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. Eldritch and Marcie have a face off during a laser light show. Reet faces vacuum packed death. Marcie talks the war machine to death. Eldritch is defeated again, or is he? Pendragon goes campily to her death, her followers vanish. Marcie and co head off for more adventures. This was good. ‘Dark Season’ is a treat and is very fondly remembered.

Best Lines:
“This is the final battle.”

“The behemoth filled my mind.”
“There was a lot of space for it to fill!”

“World War Three is on its way!”
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