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Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders 1x06 Reviewed

The jury hears from the brothers for the first time. The Judge is a sexist burk and demeans Leslie. She believes Erik and Lyle were morally justified in killing their dreadful parents. This ep was mind-numbingly dull. The brothers testify to the horribleness of their lives and their grossly deficient parents.

The brothers were thoroughly miserable. This show has a distancing level of artifice and comes across as irritating shouty face pulling nonsense. On the stand the brothers lament cruel fate and the calculated manipulation of their seemingly unassailable father and potentially volatile mother. There are no long standing dislikes or painful introspection or divisive bitterness.

Were the brothers threatened with death? They believed so. There is no moral outrage. The claim they felt an impending threat and there is emotional manipulation. Was their father really unchallengeable? The brothers’ remorseless logic led to the terrible consequences of their convictions. There is rancour. This ep is not incredibly fraught and is actively unpleasant.

The Prosecutor asks why they never got a job. People are insufferably arrogant. The crazed mistress testifies. The evil shrink shouts at the TV. An ex has studied nonchalance and is contentious. Leslie adopts her baby. TPTB make their dislike of Dominick Dunne clear, they regard him as akin to scrotal fungus. Leslie is ferociously commanding in court. This is an overvaluing of memory against historical record and shows the way the past is changed by the present’s attitude to it. This ep leaves you with chilly indifference.

Best Lines:
“The originating cause.”

“Don’t cry at dinner.”


“Was right or even reasonable.”

“So inflame you against these defendants.”

“Why did this happen?”

“I don’t ask you to pity Erik.”
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