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Inhumans 1x02 Reviewed

Those Who Would Destroy Us
Medusa whines. Black Bolt and his huge dog attract no attention as he causes a traffic pile up. The whiny teen with club kid hair annoys. The opening credits are 90s. Why don’t the royals text? How do they know what cars are? An inhuman falls down a hill. Maximus is sick of bowing down to those who are above him in power.

Medusa’s family hated the royals? Why? Medusa’s sister hates Maximus for being human. Are we supposed to cheer the snotty racist little bitch? A dude yells at the sea and hangs out with surfers.

Does Maximus have harmful intent? People seem to have a particular dislike for him for being human. Maximus looks put-out. The inhuman have toxic beliefs. No wonder Maximus went bad due to relentless harassment. The Felicity lookalike yaps. Medusa is an insufferable showoff. The inhumans have a POV that makes sense only to them. Black Bolt and his bro are ideologically hostile.

Maximus is enormously cross. Medusa and her reality TV face bores. Maximus should avenge the wrongs done to him. He has every right to have a grim mood. Inhumans are socially inadequate. Why are people deferential to the useless Black Bolt? Why are the inhumans stupid rules presented as inherently and automatically a good thing?  Medusa’s sister has impatient hauteur. A dude is part of a wall. Black Bolt shoplifts. A girlfight leads to Medusa ineptly failing to murder someone and she wants to murder Maximus. Is Black Bolt down with that? This was mmmm.

Best Lines:
“Stupid dog.”

“You can’t sit there!”

“Bring all their pieces to you in a garbage bag.”
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