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Book Review: Devil's Moon

Devil’s Moon by William M. Carney
This 1988 horror has sexual violence, horrible murders, violence, long standing unresolved disputes, gnomic profundity and reprehensible characters. The ‘hero’ has a disconcerting tendency to go on rants in-between going hysterical. This was not compelling and the fantastical situation of small town evil is written in a sub par Stephen King wannabe style.

This evokes no violent dread. Nobody is an informed, mannered, reflective soul. Morally wrong things happen. This was all systemic ineptitude, people maddeningly accept the bizarre without question and this has no grim resonance and it invokes no literary interest. This was an irredeemably gross mess.

80s touches include a white phone, the ‘hero’ marvelling at a thin phone book, a cut glass door knob, a bad guy wanting to build a mall and a decidedly non-PC portrayal of Native Americans.

Best Lines:
“Till-tap artist.”

“A street bum walked in.”

“Her head had been chewed off?”

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