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Heartless (2014) 1x01 + The Family 1x06 Reviewed

Heartless (2014) 1x01
This Danish TV show about vampire twins and a mysterious boarding school is full of needless expostulation. It is significantly undermined by bad acting and the fact you don’t care about the murdery twins. They have despair and solitariness but you don’t care as they don’t care about the catastrophic consequences of their irresponsible actions.

They are ungracious, lack a moral compass and have waspish arrogance. The boarding school is full of weird pencil necked morons. How did they get into the school? The school has weird Aryan students. The twins have ingrained hostility and cruel scorn. They also have minimal to non-existent social skills. This was not entertainingly caustic.

Best Line:
“Respect the line.”

Nowhere Man
The perv experiments on his dog. The vile reporter spews her DNA test crap and is lied to. Willa has to know Adam isn’t Adam. This was not evocative. Danny whines. This was not intensely solemn.  Nobody has heartfelt decency. The perv turns his dark attentions to sanding ominously. The vile reporter has an insatiable need for attention and admiration. Adam isn’t winsome. The creeper gets a girlfriend and then his amiable façade drops. This show follows no meaningful logical path. More evidence pops up that Adam isn't Adam. Willa and the vile reporter hook up. There are reveals and fake Adam may be another victim of the perv and his name is Ben.
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