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Book Review: Ancient Images

Ancient Images by Ramsay Campbell
This 1990 novel is a tale of the video nasties moral panic era, occult menaces, death, uber cads, unfathomable malignity, hippies, public shaming and vilification, unapologetically hateful types, naked contempt and the catastrophic effects and consequences of hunting down a long lost film.

This was woeful incompetence as a boring woman follows a thread of malignity and faces logical defects, aspersions and social pain as she calls down calamities. This was monumentally irrelevant and does not leave you in rapt wonder. This is not bleakly realised and has no hellish allure.

Best Lines:
“If there was an audience for this film, Sandy wouldn’t like to live next door to them.”

“It Crawls Up You. It Crawls Back Up You.”

“You don’t think they’ll be welcomed.”
“Not in a way they would want to be.”
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