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Arrow 6x02 + Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders 1x05 Reviewed

This was dire dramatic inertia. There is a Bruce Wayne mention and Oliver lies. Oliver has a bad moral attitude and this show has innate blandness. I aggressively detest Oliver. Felicity and Dinah have ultra vapidity. Oliver faces damning facts. Felicity dresses like a ho. Curtis is divorced and dumb. Quentin fawning over Oliver is pathetic. Oliver is smug and unendingly deceptive.

Anatoly is back. Oliver mopes about his mistakes and then makes more. This show has no inner momentum. Diggle wails about his emotional and physical carnage. Nobody cares. Felicity is toxifying to this show. Oliver is ludicrously earnest. This was not morally meaty. Where is Susan? Where did the photo of Oliver as the Green Arrow come from? Where is Huntress? Where is Slade? Where is Black Siren? Oliver isn’t commanding. The circumstances of the death of Oliver’s babymama were faked. The FBI is mouthed off to.

Oliver is a crap father who ignores his son. Dinah is smug. Oliver threatens the FBI. He has moral culpability. Felicity talks too much. Oliver problematises everything. Oliver gives up the mantle of the Green Arrow to Diggle because his son needs him. What about Diggle’s son? This was inconsequential.

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders 1x05
The trial is to be televised. Everything goes the wrong way for the brothers as historical inevitabilities pile up. This is not a poignant glimpse at their pain. The Judge is willingly anti-Leslie. This was historical determinism. Leslie has tenacity. It is suddenly 1993. Where did 3 years go? Dominick Dunne shows up. There are 2 juries. The trial begins, the question is were Lyle and Erik under emotional duress?

There are smug lying witnesses and smirking cops. Lyle and Erik had bad friends who all abandoned them. Lyle and Erik seem option-less and have quiet anger. There are contradictory narratives in court. The sleazy shrink is still at his lies. Erik and Lyle are caught in the closing trap of the legal system. This ep leaves one singularly uninterested. There are bad child actors. There was abuse and people knew and did nothing. The Judge is no help. Leslie is berated at her mother’s funeral by anti-Menendez types. At a funeral!

Best Lines:
“What’s he doing? Pitching a TV show?”

“You defend rich brats.”

“Rejecting old woman.”

“Petty arrogance.”

“Thirteen hundred dollars for condolences.”

“Going with the evil seed theory.”

“We recognise the hair.”
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