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Movie Reviews: Wolves At The Door + Killing Bono

Wolves At The Door (2015)
This very short very boring ‘horror’ is based on the Manson Family murders of 1969. Katie Cassidy and Elizabeth Henstridge star. The unseen killers who lurk in the shadows and don’t speak have chilling docility. The film opens with the Manson cult doing one of their creepy crawls to intimidate random strangers.

An idiot cop seems mildly reluctant to do his job. Meanwhile Sharon (Cassidy) and her friend Abigail (Henstridge) party with random people. Sharon is pregnant and has hair that is not from 1969. People were aggressively critical of this film and you can see why. Boring stupid people have unlovability.

This was badly lit and I’ve no idea what was going on in some scenes. This was obviously low budget. It is also historically inaccurate. This film is an unpleasantry to be avoided. This was infuriating and terrible. At the end news footage of Mason and his followers is shown, that is creepy, this was not.

Best Line:
“Runaways. Hippies. Radicals. Dropouts.”

Killing Bono (2011)
A dude (Ben Barnes) with a poxy band is sure U2 are his arch nemesis. The dude has hysterical deranged despair and is pushed towards madness by unhappy circumstances and his own talentlessness. I don’t care for his perma-mope or ‘funny’ flashbacks to the 1980s. The dude bewails his plight in this cloying and confected mess. He has a visceral resentment for U2 and bad hair. Nobody cares.

Best Lines:
“Godless, mindless and tuneless.”

“Who’s going to see the Pope?”

“Me or god?”

“An illegal tittybar in the arse end of nowhere run by a known killer.”

“Vinyl frontier.”

“Ugly talentless lepers.”
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