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Inhumans (2017) 1x01 + The End Of The F---ing World (2017) 1x01 Reviewed

Behold...The Inhumans
Inhumans live in a city on the moon! The Inhumans sabotage NASA probes. The royal family are smug. How is there oxygen and gravity on the moon? The ‘hero’ can only communicate via sign language. A Felicity lookalike prances and annoys. There is silly make up and costumes. So where were the Inhumans during the alien invasion or Inhuman crisis? They collect a pile of NASA probes. Why are there NASA probes on the moon instead of Mars?

The King has an angry brother who is mocked for being an Inhuman with no powers. So the Inhumans are racist, classist bastards. The Queen, Medusa, is ugly with a bad wig and CGI hair and a lavender dress. There is a huge CGI dog. How does the Inhuman city have an atmosphere? The King wears a dumb leather strap around his head. There are blue crystals.

The Inhumans change is very different than as shown on ‘Agents of Shield’. Where is SHIELD anyway? Haven’t they noticed the Inhumans? This has bad acting and how is there wood on the moon? People with unimpressive powers are sent to the mines. There is mumbling. Why are the royal family so happy with the caste system?

The scruffy powerless brother is billy no mates. Medusa was his friend but isn’t now and is a smug arrogant bitch. The royal city looks like a warehouse. Scruffy dude stages a coup. He is in the right despite TPTB trying to make him bad. Medusa has her head shaved, oh boo hoo. Black Bolt killed his and scruffy dude’s parents and was going to kill his brother. The royal family are on Earth. Black Bolt pulls faces and this was silly. Mmmmmmm.

Best Lines:
“They didn’t with you.”

“Descendants of those left behind when we made the move to the moon.”

“He has the ear of the people.”

The End Of The F---ing World (2017) 1x01
This new Channel 4 comedy is neither funny nor good. James is a wannbe psychopath teenager who stares at new girl Alyssa. Both do boring contemplative voiceovers. Neither have a veneer of affability. This is not scythingly honest and it is full of self-importance. There are no profound witticisms. There is no moral sensitivity or moral worth or moral persuasion. I hate James and his incomprehensible spitefulness. This is not a product of a fervid imagination. What does Alyssa see in the dismissive and disrespectful jackass James?

James’ impaired reality and Alyssa’s feigned antagonism are meritless. Neither can defuse conflict and are intent on committing a nuisance. Nobody notices their obvious socialization issues. Are we supposed to be amused that the shadowy duplicitous James astutely befriended Alyssa? Neither faces chastisement. This is not an authentic glimpse at people’s lives. This is not zany or lunatic. Alyssa has a dreadful stepfather and an uncaring mother. This has no peace and simplicity or objective tone. Alyssa stares despairingly. This was not spectacularly gruesome. They run away and advocate violence. This was crap.

Best Lines:
“I’d always wanted to punch my dad in the face.”

“Threw a chicken Kiev at his head.”

“I don’t trust people who fit in.”

“I pretended to fall in love with her.”
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