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It’s 5 months later. How did they escape the island? How did they explain the death of Oliver’s babymama? How does Oliver have custody of William? Oliver is recklessly irresponsible and shrugs off the calamitous consequences of his actions. People wear stupid costumes and nobody has cautiousness. Oliver is not an intimidating presence and Felicity is insufferably condescending. People mumbled and had intransigence. There are flashbacks to the island, which unfold in stultifying predictable fashion.

Felicity bores. There is no doom-laden narrative trajectory. There are no poignant insights. This was not emotionally resonant. There is no genuine pathos. Characters jostle for prominence. Oliver’s housekeeper returns for the first time since 1x01. Dinah annoys in unerring fashion. This ep does not unlock opportunities. None of the main characters died, duh. Quentin mumbles.

Nobody has moral strength. There is bad acting and a stupid script. Black Siren lurks. How did Black Siren escape the island? Oliver is just fine with Quentin and that bitch Dinah trying to kill Black Siren. Who is Faust? Why is everybody orange? Oliver deserves to have contempt ladled upon him. Oliver has an outsized sense of grievance. Why is Quentin so bumbling and emotionally weak? Dinah and Black Siren fight. Dinah is the sloppy seconds nobody wanted. This was awful. Diggle and his stupid helmet bores.

Oliver is the bad man. This was rancid. Thea is comatose, good. Who is paying for her medical bills? Where is Malcolm Merlyn? What is Slade up to? Oliver is a crap dad and is outed as the Green Arrow. Guess which he is more worried about?

Best Line:
“Which Laurel?”

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders 1x04
Erik and Lyle make unsubstantiated claims. Their father implicitly threatened their prospects and systematically silenced them. The saddening reality is that dyslexia and abuse were ignored. There were affairs. There was an uncaring mother and a monster father. Nobody cared then and nobody cares now. The brothers are relentlessly harassed. Grievances are raised. There are dark mutterings. This was disconcerting. The father seemed to preach firmness, reserve, self-containment and reticence while doing none of it himself. The slut has impertinence. Nobody wants to help them. Creepy polaroids show up. There is a Rodney King mention. This was not good.

Best Lines:
“The word of a complete nut job.”

“Sick secrets in the house.”

“We’re done with these brats!”

“I thought he was my friend.”

“Kill us and get a new family.”

“No sense of feeling protected.”

“Genuine but unreasonable belief.”

“Spewing her lies to Dominick Dunne!”

Chapter 63
Tom rants. This was not splendidly bleak. Nobody has believable motivation. There are no marvellous menaces. There are weary sighs and a tone of hopelessness. This was pathetically unsatisfactory. There is no honoured glory for Underwood. Tom is inquisitorial. Underwood is in paranoia mode. Sean and Jane bore. Why does Doug have such an instinct to please the Underwoods? Yates takes up screen time. There is no operatic splendour. Doug and LeAnn get it on. The personal trainer is sent packing.

Best Lines:
“This isn’t Watergate, yet.”

“Ambivalent about attention.”

Chapter 64
Underwood pushes Cathy down some stairs. LeAnn is back in. Sean works for the White House. Doug gets way too much screen time. People talk about Zoë’s phone. Claire kills Yates. Aiden is dead apparently. Jane and Mark get way too much screen time. Underwood says he’ll resign. This was unpersuasive. After all he did to get to be POTUS, he decides to give it all up in disgrace?!?

Chapter 65
People have the most staggeringly stupid motivations. The negative aspects of this show have taken over. Claire is no longer a supportive confidante to her hubby. Underwood wants to work in the private sector. WHY? This is the culmination of this show? Underwood was the leak all along. He issued his own invitation for judgement. There is no logical reason for a desperate man to make such choices.

Tom is smug. Seth annoys and nobody has a moral stance. Connie Chung plays herself; damn TPTB should have got her husband as well. Claire is sworn in as POTUS. Underwood thinks he can act with impunity. Claire is self-interested. The future isn’t as LeAnn envisaged. Doug has stony silences and goes to his ruin in a way that is not justified. This largely seems resistant to continuation. Mark suggests himself as VP. LeAnn is dead, Claire won’t pardon and FU and, oh who cares anymore?

Best Lines:
“I don’t care about feelings.”

“My turn.”


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