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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Bitch’ trailer
A wife and mother overwhelmed by her nightmare family undergoes a change. This looks good.

Best Lines:
There’s a dog watching me.”

“I don’t have any underwear or socks.”

“We’re going to be homeless and we’re going to get diseases and die!”

‘Big Business’ (1988) promo

Turkey meatzzas - nice.
La Guinette Armagnac - okay.
Gluten free bacon & cheese puff pastry tart - okay.

I won’t read ‘The King’s Test’ or ‘The Pretender’ novels or ‘This Secret We’re Keeping’.

I will review ‘Tales From A Talking Board’, ‘Until The Twelfth Of Never’, ‘Ancient Images’, ‘Wolves At The Door’, ‘The Family Plot’, ‘Girls Made Of Snow and Glass’, ‘Haunted Nights’, ’Devil’s Moon’ and ‘The Witches’.

Where is the 2017 TV show ‘Picnic At Hanging Rock’?

There is to be an ‘In The Name Of The Rose’ TV show?

RIP Roy Dotrice.

Will there be a ‘Star Trek 4’?

Stephen King’s short story ‘N’ is to be filmed?

Was Detective Kemper on ‘Deadly Lessons’ (1983) named after real-life co-ed killer Ed Kemper?

Who saw ‘A Very British Coup’?

Who saw ‘Circle Of Friends’ (1995) or ‘A Good Year’ (2006)?

I’ve never tried Wagyu.

Recall the 2000 Concorde crash?

‘Den Of Geek’ Quote:
“Had any right to make public the revelations he unearthed.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Use false logic.”

“Behave in a reasonable manner so your reputation is steady and good.”

“Will need good friends and supporters.”

“Deliberately causing you to be an outsider.”

“Victim mode.”

“Key to your community acceptance.”

“Unquestioned adhere to the assumptions underpinning it.”

“Observational jurisdiction.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Farting cockles and clams.”


“The vulnerability narrative.”

“Their voices won’t be heard and their views won’t be understood.”

“Cultural denigration.”

“Anti-harassment structures.”

“Problematic platform.”

“Tremendously stroppy and likes an argument.”

“Celebrity opt-out.”

“Motivated by fame.”

“Shock merchant.”

“Religiously inauthentic.”

“It’s like the zombie apocalypse out there.”

“When do we start looting?”

“Urban disorder.”

“Rotted in the soil.”

“Big-Name Acclaimed Acting Chops.”

“Peak of British cultural discourse.”

“Property guard.”



“Shakespeare made most of his money from the oyster concession at the Globe.”

“You’re not the sort of girl I need to take to dinner,”

“No independent measure of talent can possibly exist.”

“Auditory memory.”

“Erupt in frustration.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“I endorse this tirade.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Failing in their ethical responsibilities.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“That business, now decimated.”
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