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Book Review: The Bone Key, part 3

The Bone Key by Sarah Monette, part 3

Elegy For A Demon Lover
An inept tale of perfidy, passion, anger and calamitous love. This was unedifying and devoid of emotion.

Best Line:
“His love would infallibly kill me,”

The Wall Of Clouds
The hero has an attack of ‘illness’ and ends up in a convalescent home where people die a lot, a fact which is routinely ignored. This was ill-though through and wilfully un-ingratiating. The plot doesn’t cohere.

Best Lines:
“With execrable judgement.”

“No way in which I could enjoy myself less,”

“Face down in the lily pond?”
“She might have done it herself.”

“Hellborn brat.”

The Green Glass Paperweight
Our hero returns to the house where he was treated as a nuisance by his guardians and learns how his pure violent rage at his tormentors led to a heartening payoff.

Best Lines:
“They did not trust my silence.”

“Abyssal wrath.”

Listening To Bone
A revenant follows the hero. This was an okay tale of fateful consequences.

Best Line:
“See the lunatic out.”
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