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Book Review: The Bone Key, part 2

The Bone Key by Sarah Monette, part 2

The Bone Key
In this mediocre tale, the hero is profoundly disaffected when he faces the ghastly prospect of encountering long lost family members. His family have a disinterest in interacting healthily with one another. This was dispiriting as the family are thrillingly immune to disapproval of any kind being self-admiring joyful sinners. The hero is so damn annoying and one cares not for his familial disgruntlement and his relatives’ panto menace. This was pitifully twee.

Wait For Me
This is a good tale of a ghost, stubborn entitlement and festering thoughts.

Best Line:
“Assuming odiously and loudly for years.”

Drowning Palmer
This is a tale of a school haunting and of people who are horribly anguished and of people have disowned their responsibility. This is a tale of a grave injustice, an irrational and violent act and the morally imperfect meting out ill-treatment with dickheadery. This is a good tale with no moral absolution.

Best Lines:
“Dark-purposed conspiracy.”

“Whatever I was supposed to be doing, it was not here and it was not this.”

The Inheritance Of Barnabas Wilcox
This is a tale of a will, a shattering event, conspiratorial servants, stark horror and people left with no recourse. This was horrible brilliance.
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