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Book Review: One Dark Throne + The Joy Luck Club + The Bone Key, part 1

One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake
This sequel to ‘Three Dark Crowns’ sees the 3 rival moany sisters have more familial discord and purposeful alienation as the quest to be the Queen Crowned leads to emotional harm, pathological dislike and erratic and unreasonable acts. This is a good tale of outlandish peril and inherent evil in a forbidding fairytale place.

The world building is only ever vaguely explained and people act ungallantly. There is no emotional realness in this good bleak story of cold cruelty. It’s not relentlessly realistic but it is a cold and quiet enjoyable story. Why does the island’s hierarchy have such an implacable nature since time immemorial? What are the social impacts? What is the wider world like outside the social isolation of the island? This isn’t complex and challenging but I look forward to books 3&4.

I do not care for the author’s pet Jules, who actively chooses to annoy. What’ll be the unforeseen consequences of the Queen Crowned? This is a fairytale that seems alien and threatening and instinctively perilous.

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.

The Bone Key by Sarah Monette, part 1
This 2007 anthology collects creepy stories. It was reprinted in 2011 with a new cover and intro. I however have the 2007 version.

Brining Helen Back
I’ve read this before in ‘New Cthulhu’. This is a tale of necromancy, quaint naffness, growing enmity, challenging circumstances and sexual pull. This was okay and has conspicuous misery and abundant weirdness and a grim ending.

Best Line:
“If there is another copy, let is moulder to dust wherever it lies.”

The Venebretti Necklace
It is unclear exactly when these tales take place. The past? Today? This is an okay tale of entombment and frenzied possessiveness.

Best Line:
“I’d say the word diavolo is a bad sign.”
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