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Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders 1x03 Review

Leslie is all innate nobility. There is societal bitterness toward the rich. Was the phrase, reality TV, a thing in 1990? I don’t think so. The shrink is a sleazy grifter, he has no moral obligation. One of the brothers is bald. The brothers have desperate hope and are panic stricken. There is a mention of the Billionaire Boys Club case; I saw the miniseries with Judd Nelson.

The brothers are vilified. The Menendez’s veneer of respectability cracks as they face serious consequences. There is emotional mayhem. All the brothers’ ills did not evaporate when their parents died. What led to that cruel event? The brothers did irreversible damage to their lives. The crazy mistress does moody skulking around. The brothers don’t appreciate the consequences of their actions. There are grim utterances. This was okay, dark and dramatic.

The cops seem fairly bleak and uncaring about what provoked such tragedy and unimaginable horror. The brothers are contorted with angst. The autopsy reports are to be released. This is an interesting narrative exploration of a tragic case. There are sad forebodings of what is going to happen. The media is a calamitous disaster for the brothers.

The brothers are not callous and irresponsible. The DA is heartless and deluded. There is no legal certainty. There are drastic opinions. The mistress never takes reasonability for the consequences of her words. The shrink and his mistress are all stark strangeness. Claims are made. This was all camp with great aplomb. Leslie’s husband is Irish-American. A walkman is listened to. The media and DA present a seriously misleading account of the case. Leslie is disillusioned. Doctor-patient privilege is thrown out proving a reputional risk to the brothers. Abuse was endemic in their home.

Best Lines:
“Poison the jury pool.”

“The media doesn’t like rich people.”

“Got to be more to that family.”

“Anxiety provoking.”

“A former patient you had an affair with and tried to strangle with a phone cord?”

“How many years did that take?”
“7 years and 15 million dollars.”

“As a mother and a human being I believe it. As a lawyer, I’ll believe it when we can prove it.”
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