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House Of Cards Season 5, part 2 + Norskov (2015-2017) 1x01 Reviewed

Chapter 55
What is the deal with Will’s war record? A campaign ad for Will plays up Will’s bravado and his usefully nondescript heroics. Will is of robust opinions. Kevin Spacey has practiced theatrically. Will and Underwood have questionable moral compasses and do nefarious things for a living. What is the Underwood’s global reputation? Nobody questions their reach for dynastic power. Will seems full of impotent anger.

Will’s wife bemoans and whines. Underwood puts on a show of twinkly bemusement. LeAnn sticks her nose in. There is unease about Will. As for Will, he does a livestream and he is not fierce or forthright. Doug has no subdued menace. Who is shagging Doug? Doug does disadvantageous things. This falls short of hopes and expectations. There is mumbling. Will has snooty insistence on his own superiority. This was codswallop. Will and Underwood are dismissive of each other. No praise is lavished. There is no profundity in this.

Best Line:
“Eight angry phone calls.”

Chapter 56
Campbell Scott plays Mark, a fixer. There is no sincerity or goodwill. This was not audacious or elaborate. Tom has abuse and bile. Doug is an utter bastard. There are irresponsible acts and not much incentive to care. Doug is loyal but unpopular. Underwood disguises weakness. Things are disastrously chaotic. Underwood is unwholesome and a malign force. This show has gone terribly wrong. Will is difficult and angry. There is mumbling and no longevity or stability. There is no zip or wit. There are no moral attitudes or moral virtues.

There is animosity and professional loathing. There is low voter turnout. There is a stunt at a voting centre. This is waning with terminal decline. Who is Shawna? Sean, a reporter, is ambitious. Why is Yates getting so much screen time? Tom vigorously defends democracy. My interest diminishes considerably. Where did Aidan come from? Nobody has altruism. Underwood tries to fix the election. He dramatically escalates things. Will’s wife wears an ugly suit.

Best Lines:
“This is our house, we are not leaving.”

“Would you like a drink? One is brown and one is not.”

Chapter 57
Its 9 weeks later! People have perplexity and horror. It's dark, dangerous times. Underwood and Will fight to be POTUS. Will does VR. Bitterness is resonant. Underwood is petty and mean and sees himself as intellectually superior and separate to the rest of the world. There are endless complexities. Underwood pervs over a young man who is an actor/personal trainer. Underwood has a type. Yates whines. There are grimmer animosities. Tom is told about Rachel and doesn’t listen as he is a tool. Underwood has combative wit. Who is Romero? There is a growing perception that it is Claire’s time. Why? She is a disaster! Doug is berated.

Best Lines:
“What did you ever actually do?”

“A legacy of nothing.”

“Doesn’t have kill lists.”

“Your dumb dead wife.”

“Bumbling idiot that you are.”

“Meet your new daddy.”

“The things I have done to keep you here.”

“I trust ambition.”

Chapter 58
Claire is somehow acting POTUS. Petrov shows up to irritate. Will annoys people. Will flips out on a plane causing chaos and drama due to latent anxiety. The Underwoods have done serious social harm and done untold damage. Will is spiteful and punitive and Mark watches with rising incredulity. This is not sadly dramatic. Will has no idea of social interaction and is temperamentally unprepared to be POTUS. People have pathological predatory behaviour. This was unspeakable wretchedness. People don’t really like the Underwoods very much. Everyone is morally compromised.

There is flagrant disregard for sense. There is cultural contempt and this rankles. Nobody is fair, adequate or reasonable. Will won the election but Mark never intended for him to lead. Tom dismisses women. He is boringly prescriptive and fires Sean. Tom really sees himself in a simplistic villain verses hero fashion. Will always has an angry response. Trying to be POTUS is non-beneficial for Will.

Best Lines:
“Will do nothing but sully your wikipedia page.”

“That sounds vague and inadequate.”

“Some very unhappy billionaires.”

Chapter 59
The emotional demands on Will bore. Petrov’s latest antics bore. How is Aiden in Russia and why should I care? The White House has been extremely damaging to the Underwoods. Claire disregards her husband. Tom pontificates. This was less than scintillating. Jane shows up. Who? Claire is not supremely qualified to be POTUS - her level of ability does not seem up to it. Claire wants to freeze her husband out but he can’t relinquish control. The Underwoods are the least likely to be believed when something actually happens. Who are Vanessa and Nora? The military seemed to implicitly sanction a coup. Sean wants a White House job. The indissoluble unity of the Underwoods is shaky. It’s all a clever and cynical game to them. Oh who cares?

Best Lines:
“I’d rather not speculate, sir.”
“Oh, please do.”

“It keeps happening.”

“I’m going to remember this conversation.”

“He’s not needed.”

“You don’t deserve to be in the White House.”

Norskov (2015-2017) 1x01
People obsess over ice hockey and stupid kids do cocaine in a small town. A local boy returns home to work for the police and clean up the drug problem. People talk and talk in this badly lit Danish drama. It bored.
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