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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Mindhunter’ trailer
This 1970s set tale of how the FBI talked to serial killers to catch serial killers. Mmmm. Anna Torv is in this.

Best Line:
“Go back to your bed wetting college kids.”

‘Jack Ryan’ trailer
The origin of Tom Clancy’s character. Mmmm.

‘Justice League’ trailer
I was more entertained by Hannibal Lecter selling beer. Lois Lane stares, Clark Kent stares, things fly, Wonder Woman stares, a kid stares, Batman stares, there are bad jokes, Gordon lurks, Aquaman swims, Wonder Woman poses, Cyborg is there and this looks like trash with bad VFX and a trident and mumbling. No.

‘Electric Dreams’ promo
Anna Paquin. No.

Bounty Hunters’ promo

There is a ‘Skyline’ sequel?

What kind of inconsiderate person yells down phone and rants about printing and snots about curry smells?

There was weed killer in Ben & Jerry ice cream?

‘Back’ Quotes:
“Murder face.”

“Having a nice stare.”

“Drink driving child maimers.”

“Ethical casino.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“When a progressive art school near his Suffolk home was burned to the ground - a student had allegedly left a cigarette smouldering on the floor - he drove to the scene and cheered.”

“Masking and mimicking.”

“Narrative was almost entirely driven by men.”

“A world littered with artifice.”

“Set in a dystopian future - and that it is not our future.”


“No doubt appeal to lovers of boarding school food.”

“Disproportionate outrage.”

“Die unmourned.”

“The risks that women face of being branded hysterics or fantasists, or driven by envy.”

“The outcomes are terrible.”

“Mute their voices.”

“Very easy, once someone’s fallen from grace, to say how obvious it was,”

“The female body remains a source of social risk and cultural shame.”

“I’m having that one, you bastard.”

“Pregnancy was a thing that happened to my mum because the man would decide if contraception was used or not.”

“Utterly inadequate and sometimes dangerous parenting.”

“Deliberately calm and ordered life.”

“What you think is best may not align with what they want.”

“Self-serving noise.”

“Sanitising description.”

“Anti-youth policy.”

“Forcing them to conform to norms and stereotypes.”

“Cultural dislike.”

“Hard wired suspicion that loitering groups of teenagers are up to no good.”


“No point leaving home, socialising or going to school,”

“It would spare no effort to bring his wife and children to the US - though not his mistress.”

“Would not and could not sustain the notion.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Caught up in the status of where they are.”

“Beloved purchases in their time.”

“That is a powerful lesson - and a fearful one.”

“Overly intrusive scrutiny.”

“Necessary courtesies of discourse.”

“Threatens the genetic integrity.”

“Temperamentally disinclined to do so.”

‘Countdown To Revolution’ Quote:
“He’s one of the results of it.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Made up problems.”

“Always have to bend to you.”

“Whatever a normal family is.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Assisting offender.”

‘Hollyoaks’ Quotes:
“He tried to burn down his school.”

“Angry brain cell attached to a bag of sausage meat.”
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