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Designated Survivor 1x21 + House Of Cards Season 5, Part 1 + The Family 1x03 Reviewed

Brace For Impact
The FBI don’t recognise Hannah? Hannah saves people from a truck bomb in ridiculous fashion. There is no brooding danger or relentlessly threatening acts. Nobody is stunningly sinister. Tom is angst ridden. Abe knows so little and cares so less. Nobody has a counter-strategy for the conspiracy. This was indulgent twaddle that has no high drama. Blame is assigned.

There is over-arching angst. Tom broods in his different life trajectory. This is not emotionally charged. Baddies are humourless, frivolous and self-prompting. There is no moral grime just ponderous pretentious melodrama that lacks piquant realism. This was raging idiocy. Abe has pomposity and is spectacularly pointless. This is a contrived narrative. This causes teeth-grinding frustration. Abe doesn’t have any regard. Chuck does stuff. Tom’s presidency is framed by the circumstances and context of the times he lives in. There is no gleeful darkness.

Did TPTB do a ‘No Way Out’ homage? Catalan has fixed determination. Abe is ridiculous with no idea of social conduct. Abe is pernicious and makes a concerted effort to annoy. Abe is all outward hostility and faint distain. This was bewilderingly terrible. The fired crazed General lurks at home and is bellicose. Abe is selfish and incoherent. There is no intensification. The authorities are gormless. Catalan has no nihilist cool. He and Hannah fight and then he dies.

I felt a baffling lack of interest in this. Seth is an exceptionally weak character. Expectations are met. Abe has egregious brazen nerve and effrontery. There are lots of theatrical glances. The damning secret is out, there is no gleam of hope and this is an unmitigated disaster. Nobody emerges with the slightest shred of credit, the government gather in one place for the first time since 1x01; Tom makes a speech of sombre enthusiasm. I never believed in their danger or their emotional connection.

Tom goes on and on in his speech about the alluring myth that America is uniquely right. Will the former General be in season 2? There is sap and Tom’s innocently joyous speech gets grinnining agreement. Enjoy your comforting illusions Tom.

Best Lines:
“Asked of service no more.”

“That terrible fateful night.”

“Wrong in every possible way.”

Chapter 53
There is abiding gloom. Underwood has latent rage and a dogged refusal to desist. ICO go on. Underwood is all vindictiveness and there is irrefutable evidence of his foulness. Things are unrelieved grim. Underwood is profoundly unsympathetic. This was frivolous. No-one has solemn reverence for Underwood. Will is distinctly evil. This is the show at its awful worst. There is resentment. This was intolerable and the plot is difficult to discern. Underwood has contemptuous non-compliance. This was portentous. Tom is irascible. This was unedifying. Claire does a blasé dismissal of Tom. Will has no satisfaction or joy. WTF is with Yates? There are no troubling ideas. This show has done a vertiginous descent into camp.

Best Lines:
“A scoundrel lives in the White House.”

“I will never cease.”

“War whore!”

Chapter 54
Underwood is being morally judged. Kevin Spacey overacts. Underwood wants to be a higher authority who cannot be questioned. He can’t be uncoercive. Claire is prettily dishonest. This was not uplifting. Underwood’s old Sentinel pal Tim is missing. ICO is easily blamed. The Underwoods are all awfulness and shamelessness. Underwood is not magnetically personable and has vengeful insanity. He’s not pretty content with being POTUS. Will is not a person of infinite fascination. It turns out Tim and Underwood’s hookup was an open secret. Claire is not remotely hesitant to be a jerk. The Underwoods are not affable and solicitous.

This show has little use for neutrality, nuance or sophistication. Yates bores. Cathy assesses the validity of Underwood. Doug faces the occasional barbed comment. Underwood faces the pitiless vastness of an ex-VP. There is moral cowardice and silent inferences. Seth has no idea of social relations. There is no required ranuch for Underwood now Tim and Meechum are gone. Seth is a pig. There is unacceptable disloyalty. Loyalty is good and something people aspire to give and receive across all aspects of life, but not here. Yates should be utterly rejected. This was okay. Some random woman (Paton Ashbrook) lurks.

Best Lines:
“Fear is un-American!”

“Mischief level.”

“I hate apologies.”

“Why am I even talking to you?”

Of Puppies and Monsters
Michael Esper guest stars. The creeper tries to get a puppy. Danny learns his ‘girlfriend’ is a reporter. There is hysteria and drama. The mother tries to exploit her kidnapped child, the father has dramatics and the perv has a pregnant wife. The reporter annoys. ‘Adam’ fancies his ‘sister’. Nobody has moral self-determination or utter hopelessness. Danny is emotionally weak. The reporter is vile. Nobody has emotional torments. Adam seems to have trauma denial. There is no discernable sorrow or bitterness. This psychodrama was dire. Danny could start and indeed lose and argument with his own shadow. There is no toxic despair and this has a complete lack of respect for the viewer.

Best Line:
“You really haven’t done enough damage here?”
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