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The Day of the Triffids (1981) Review, Part 2

Ep 5
Coker and his pristine Aran sweater return. Bill is very forgiving of Coker. For the lack of anything better to do, Coker and Bill drive aimlessly around England. Triffids aren’t rampaging, more lurking. Bill blows away an attacking Triffid with a shotgun. Coker heads off to do whatever it is he does. Bill keeps looking for Jo and meets Susan. Bill uses a Triffid gun for the only time in the show.

With plague and Triffids everywhere, Bill and Susan continue to look for Jo. Finally Bill and Jo are reunited. This was a good ep, very atmospheric. Bill and Jo’s reunion was very touching.

Best Line: “They’re plants, they can’t see.”

Ep 6
A caption informs us that it is six years later. Bill, Jo, their son David, Susan, a blind couple and their daughter Alice live in an isolated farmhouse surrounded by an electric fence to keep the Triffids out.

It’s a struggle to survive; Bill and Susan regularly have to go after Triffids with flamethrowers. Bill is wondering if the plague and the shooting stars were natural occurrences. But his mind is taken off that when Coker returns in a helicopter. He has set up a colony on the Triffid free Isle of Wight and invites Bill and co to join them.

As Bill and co ponder the invitation, the decision is made for them when the representatives of a despotic new government show up to ruin their hideaway. Bill and co have to flee their farmhouse and abandon their sheep and goats. They plan to make it to the Isle of Wight. And the despotic representatives? They’ve left to the Triffids.

This was good and very faithful to the book. The remake cannot be better than this.

Best Lines:
“They’ve broken through the fence!”

“The mysterious disease where did that come from?”

“You try learning to fly from a book.”

“We or our children will come back and drive every Triffid from this land.”
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