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iZombie 2x19 + Law & Order True Crime 1x02 + Designated Survivor 1x18-1x20 Reviewed

Salivation Army
Mr Boss the rubbish gangster plots. Blaine annoys. Rob Thomas guest stars. There is a party at the evil CEO’s company. There is no feral meaning. Liv is selfish. Clive is awful. This has no cultural value and is bottomlessly horrible. Liv and Major come up with a plan that is ill advised to the point of insanity.

Rob Thomas sings. People are in shameless thrall to being stupid. Zombies attack the party. There is no epochal meeting or moral consequences. This isn’t beautifully affecting or quietly compelling. I feel irritation and impatience and utter contempt for Liv’s selfishness. The CEO has psychotic viciousness and is the architect of his own fall from grace. A new world order is planned.

Best Lines:
“I want them dead. Extra bloody.”

“Getting into strip club fights.”

“Dead dead.”

“I don’t want to know you.”

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders 1x02
There are bad wigs and huge phones. People smoke on a plane and cops question the appropriateness of the brothers spending. People give testimonial interviews about the awfulness of Mr Menendez and his predation. Did Lyle and Erik murder their parents due to harrowing misery and distress? This ep was not an unbearable tragedy. Erik and Lyle are stupid and seem self-aggrandising opportunists.

The cops have open contempt for the brothers and are stiff, cold and disdainful with no conciliatory tone or gestures of sympathy or concern. This ep is dissatisfying. The murders were not meticulously planned. There was a toxic atmosphere in the Menendez house. Erik and Lyle have blank looks and are behaviourally incontinent. This tale of moral horror is all mediocrity and idiocy.

The cops seem like boorish people tired of the brothers oh so dramatic problems. Is this a tale of the ruinous effects of psychological torment? There is no equanimity or kindness. The brothers don’t seem sober or responsible. Were they morally justified though? Potent allegations are made. 1 brother is emotionally wasted and has emotional trauma and emotional damage. It is glaringly apparent they did it. One brother confesses to his shrink.

Josh Charles is the sleazy shrink. Erik is self loathing and incapable of coherent thought. There are mentions of the McMartin case. The shrink’s mistress engages in help-seeking behaviour. There is no deconfliction. The shrink is scurrilous and has an underlying aggression problem. Leslie and her hubby have issues. It’s 1990 and the crazy mistress tips off the publicity hungry DA.

Worrisome events are saddening. Things go badly wrong for Lyle in sudden and dramatic fashion. Robert Shapiro shows up, sadly he is not played by John Travolta. The reckless and irresponsible brothers have no moral victory. Leslie is Erik’s lawyer. The brothers have incurred the wrath of the legal system and its structural biases. This was fairly grim. There is absolute lack of creativity. Mr Menendez caused immense sadness and anguish and disgruntlement and disillusionment. There is dismissive judgement by the DA and no reasoned reflection.

Best Lines:
“Maybe this is how the rich grieve.”

“He was happy there was 2000 miles between them.”

“Dumb hockey jock.”

“Your tone is very menacing.”

“About that? No.”

“Rich greedy brats.”

“Surrendered Erik without pre-conditions.”

“Made admissions.”

“14 million dollars provides ample motive.”

“Months long campaign of harassment.”

“Gave up any pretence of legality.”

“People like that don’t just wake up and turn into Charlie Manson.”

This does not offer insights into contemporary geopolitics. Jason and Hannah are inept. Abe feels moral superiority. Tom Kirkman’s administration is in near constant crisis to a degree unmatched by any administration in modern US history. Justice and honour is larded onto Kirkman. Kimble is irksome. Abe has perpetual dissatisfaction. Aaron whines. Kirkman tries for the aura of success that a leader needs to command loyalty.

Jason was shot. Kimble faces bristling hostility. There is no moral vindication. This was unimpressive with little subtlety. People act unsupportively to Kimble. A smug bitter villain is smug and hell-bent on mischief. There is coming dread and glory apparently, it is not here yet. This ep is bogglingly unsuccessful. Kirkman mutters furiously. Kimble’s reputation is unfairly tarnished. Abe bothers Jason. The big bad is hinted at.

Best Lines:
“Very big on the alt-right circuit, but he makes those guys look like liberals.”

“Scary dude.”

“This unelected independent president.”

“This is bad right?”

“How is that even possible?”

“You are a disgrace, you know that?”

“I got here the same way you did, by surviving.”

Hannah is in peril. Alex shows up. The dead POTUS’ son resurfaces, babbling about an arts grant. Where is Chuck? People persist in exchanging conflicting and seemingly irreconcilable views. Tom wants to reduce nukes and have clean water. Leo is morally reprehensible and he’s not even in this. Tom is in a moral quagmire. Alex whines. Where is the morally indefensible and self-entitled Catalan? There is no imagination or intelligence. Gits lack moral principles or moral certainty. This was profoundly unsatisfactory.
Is it a coincidence that as the big bag TPTB cast a guy who looks like Trump? The guy has a following. Is Jason dead? Alex whines. The absurd premise is unsurprisingly not credible. The US is off course. Hannah is in some ‘Persons Unknown’ type crap situation. People are morally shaded and nobody is innocently joyous.

Best Line:
“Wave away.”

Abe has no amoral charm and is fomenting discontent and unjustified criticism of Tom. There is no existential dread or whiff of danger. Tom is all world-wearily wistful sighs, crass idealism and solemness yet is dejected and alone due to his rapid rise to rarefied circles. For what god-unknown reason are the conspiracy lot so hammily sinister? Aaron is a revolting sleaze. This show has been soapishly watchable. There is a female Brit PM who is not May. This was not coiled or complex. Hannah is in a bleak predicament.

Chuck resurfaces. This was undramatic with no magnificent menace. The cavalcade of cretins are self-assured blowhards. Abe is actorishly OTT. Tom has disarming nonchalance. Seth snots. Abe is a contrivance. There is no sense of impending dread. Tom is optimistic to the point of insanity. Abe’s trust sapping story is deemed significant and credible. Abe is motivated by malign intent. There is no beautiful misery. The baddies have sinister joy. Abe is deplorable. Catalan’s eyes are inky pools of venom.

Tom is devoted to his job with utter loyalty. There are silly accents. Catalan has a deadened quality. Tom faces exhales of derision and seething resentment. He’s unfit for the world’s cruelty. There is a chasm of misunderstanding. Get Seth and Abe off this show. I don’t trust Alex. Abe makes odious statements. This was dysfunctional and strangely detached. There is a trap and will evilitude triumph? Tom has raspy certainty and hopes for improvement are correspondingly small.

Best Lines:
“The man who tried to kill you is still alive.”

“Want better answers than that.”

“We brass it out.”

“Salvaged some credibility.”
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