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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘American Horror Story’ 7x06 promo
Kai and Winter plot more nasty fun.

Best Lines:
“The monsters are here.”

“A modern day Charles Manson.”

‘Dark’ trailer
Missing children in Germany. Is it time travel? Aliens? This melancholic dirge looks interesting.

‘The Babysitter’ trailer
The babysitter is a satan worshipping serial killer. Hah!

Best Lines:
“3 out of 4 people got an STD! I got 2 peoples blood on me! Do the math!”

“Why is he shirtless?”

“You’re crazy bitch.”

‘The Good Doctor’ promo

Spatchcock chicken - okay.

I will review ‘House of Cards’ season 5.

I won’t review ‘Dead To The World’, ‘Vampire Junction’, ‘Sleeping Beauties’, ‘The Terranauts’ or ‘The Ghoul’.

Steven Segal lives in Russia?

Anyone see ‘Black Rain’ or ‘Screamers’ (1995) or ‘A Scanner Darkly’ (2006)?

‘The Colour Of Money’ was not good.

Some Spanish people eat octopus for Christmas dinner.

Anyone recall ‘Two Golden Balls’ (1994) with Kim Cattrall?

Anyone recall ‘Troubles’?

So the ‘Dark Universe’ is DOA. Hah.

Remember ‘The Man Show’?

What do you say about a tiresome person who obsesses over a book and ruins dinner and is desperate and sad and whose intrinsic character flaws have already wrecked his life beyond repair? He has contrarian tendencies and is desperate and sad. This person lies in bed, causes laundry to pile up, whines, leaves doors open and won’t go away. This person rants about glasses and steals food. They want to get a cabinet full of taxidermy birds and animals and rail about ‘sick’ people and residency. He's always leaving doors open!

‘Doctors’ Quote:
“Fancy knickers.”

‘One Dark Throne’ Quote:
“Nonsense becomes truth if enough mouths repeat it.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“The idiot younger generation.”

“All manner of indignities.”

“Pornifed male desire.”

“The strategically placed tissues.”

“Publicly disbelieved.”


“Emotive questioning.”


“Limited plinth.”

“Stupid club.”

“Living the life of a tormented recluse.”

“Everything looking post-apocalyptic.”

“Too much sighing and staring into the middle distance.”

“Those portentous Noel’s-been-having-a-think ballads that stank up Oasis’s later albums.”

“Marry a respectable woman.”

“Pointedly yet to respond.”

“Prescribe our liberal solutions to their terrible problems.”

“Veil of ordinariness.”

“Commerce-oriented galleries.”

“Commercial obedience.”

“Without the tedious business of actually doing any work.”

“Could reasonably be inferred.”

“They were entitled to feel, and should have been safe.”

“Financially and emotionally generous to you.”

“The unprecedented negative and constant barrage.”

“Those deemed to have unsurvivable injuries were placed in a separate area to receive comfort care until they died.”

“Making me care a lot less about it.”

“Things I didn’t fully understand happened around me.”

“Puked resignedly on the floor. But even that didn’t alarm me much.”

“Isolate themselves in dark, quiet rooms in response.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Died unable to defend his reputation.”

“A barmaid’s dream of a gentleman.”

“Places where ambition goes cold.”

“Chair-throwing and punch-ups.”

“False future.”

“Bogus reconciliations.”

“No inference of guilt should be drawn.”

“Paid sexual encounters.”

“Bogus credibility.”

“Neither justifies nor dispels the cloud of suspicion.”

“All civilisation might collapse.”

“Once correlated rising installed telephone statistics in Ireland with admissions to mental asylums.”

“Something ominous is happening.”

‘The Gloss Magazine’ Quotes:
“Loyalty itself is no longer particularly relevant.”


“Dry down.”

‘Hollyoaks’ Quotes:
“A joke that no-one laughs at.”

“I will not be humiliated on the pages of ‘Country Elegance’ magazine.”

“You are not wanted.”

“Done nothing but lie.”

“I got shot for crying out loud.”

“2 half naked randoms strolling around the flat.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“Get your throwing stuff.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Besmirched his name.”

‘Irish Independent’ Quotes:
“I don’t do ‘sick’, I don’t do ‘sore head’, I don’t do ‘bad back’, I don’t do ‘sore foot’.”

“Don’t even have to wash them after they’ve been weed on. Just soak them in a bucket of lavender water.”

“Under the accusation of sedition.”

“Both decided to keep their economies closed in the decades after World War II.”

“Always wanting something for nothing and without a sensible thought in their social media-addled heads.”

“Formal silencing.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Catastrophic consequences.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Aggressive dismissals.”

“An over-optimistic reading of the situation.”

“Stunt food for the macho.”

“How did taking an idiotic moral stand work out for you?”

“Throes of rage and despair.”

“Terrace-yob singalongability.”

“Throwing your husband’s vintage wine collection down the loo.”

“Foreigners are a bit off.”

“If you sketch people a future without them in it, they will do anything to stop that future happening.”

“Reasonable needs and requirements.”

“Objectively amusing anecdotes.”

“Pontificating about their own cultural significance.”

“Radius of a meal.”

“Good when they are watching.”

“Fearful of confrontation.”

“I like women best when they don’t know how to read.”

“Literary women are monstrous.”

“The woman artist is completely ridiculous.”
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