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Book Review: The Spawn Of Lilith

The Spawn Of Lilith by Dana Fredsti
From the author of the great ‘Plague Town’ and ‘Plague Nation’ and the inept ‘Plague World’ comes this tale of unfulfilled promise about a stunt woman in Hollywood which is full of monsters. She has a jackass enemy named Seth who casts aspersions on her character and who has grumpy loathing for her. I’m sure if there is a sequel, they’ll end up together. If there is a sequel, I won’t be reading it. One went into this with a certain level of expectation which was not met.

This is dull and the stupidly named heroine has problems which are only going to get worse. This was stupid. The ending is ludicrous and the heroine’s stunt ‘family’ are a pack of protective and exclusionary dudebros who ignore her emotional upheaval. When the heroine realises she’s been lied to her whole life, her ‘family’ have moral outrage at her sadness, anger and bewilderment. I did not like this nor the rampantly self-assertive heroine and her barbed wit and intransigence. This was a fatuous misfire.

Best Lines:
“What kind of sociopath idiot are you?”

“Fill spots.”
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