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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Star Trek Discovery’ opening credits
Not bombastic enough.

‘The Ritual’ TV spot
They should have gone to Ibiza!

Best Line:
“This is clearly the house we’ll get murdered in.”

‘Dark States’ promo

‘Out Of The Shadows’ promo
Hysterical woman and no.

‘The Devil’s Toy Box’ trailer
In 2010, reality show contestants went missing. This looks low budget and naff.

Best Line:
“The more idiotic they sound.”

‘Z Nation’ season 4 promo
What? Say what? Zona?!? 10k looks different.

‘Z Nation’ 4x02 promo
“Oh that’s not good.”

Gluten & wheat free chocolate cake with dark Belgian chocolate buttercream - okay.
Premium Sicilian lemonade - good.
Strawberry wine - nice.

There is to be a ‘Kung Fu’ reboot?

I may watch BBC1’s ‘A Very English Scandal’ next year.

‘Back’ Quotes:
“Potential access road.”

“You are subhuman filth.”

“Morning wine.”

“We've got people in the police.”

“Just chilling in the woods. Like the Three Bears or Saville.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Alarm us with their scuttling.”

“Cause media panics.”

“They can’t get their jaws wide apart to nip you.”

“Silenced by shame.”

“Objects of deep suspicion.”

“A failure as a reproductive human being.”

“Social clock.”

“People have become overly reliant on dishwashers.”

“I forbid you to like it.”

“Residential qualifications.”



“He’s the only one who’s legally allowed to leave the house on his own.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“An angry opinion ready.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Rather overdoing it.”

“Resident sardonic miseryguts.”

“Other trangressive things like have an affair and hang her bra up on a very public washing line.”

“Wildly improbable dialogue.”

“A bit Eldorado does terrorism.”

“Or anybody at all that ever helped me.”

“Defunct coinage.”

“Chronological form.”

“Hostile online behaviour.”


‘Reformation: Europe’s Holy War’ Quotes:
“A hard Brexit, 16th century style.”

“The backwoods of Germany.”

“Transcendent goodness.”

“Instinctive brilliance.”

“Cultivated, ironical detachment.”

“Great trouble to the realm.”

“Papal taxes.”

“Unimpeachable moral case.”


“Daring to judge Kings.”

“A shameful and irreligious usurpation.”

“This is a book for me and all Kings to read.”

The Creation Of Anne Boleyn’ Quote:
“Blamed him for her ruin.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“The mood was hostile.”

“The moral fortitude.”

‘The Spawn Of Lilith’ Quote:
“A film adaptation of the latest hot YA dystopian series with a lot of angsty teens, a repressive authoritarian government, and a heroine named Justice.”
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