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Designated Survivor 1x15-1x17 + The Family 1x02 Reviewed

One Hundred Days
People still see Tom as limp and ineffectual. He wants people to see his moral enlightement. He manages to be cosy and essentially harmless with flashes of pensive intensity. Chuck resurfaces. The mood of journalists is tense, verging on hostile. Chuck and Hannah look for sinister elements. They have can-do enthusiasm for finding baddies.

Aaron lurks like a lingering foulness. Tom seems to have shrugged off torment and doubt. He’s able, diligent, clearheaded and selflessly serving. Jason conveys his anger. Tom wants to fix societal ills. Alex causes consternation. Tom is endlessly misunderstood. Why is it wrong for the FLOTUS to talk about gun reform when her husband was recently shot?

Aaron is scurrilous and unreflective. Tom has self-containment and cosy attributes and wants to make a societal impact and show his moral character. Sadly this ep was inadequate. Kimble is vindictive and unnecessary. Tom faces discourteous attacks and aggressive rhetoric. Hannah faces a detestable enemy and her incendiary threats. Jason boils with fury and Aaron is rancid and of loose morals, talk about playing into reputation. Sadly this was a dull stupor of an ep.

Best Lines:
“Designed to intimidate.”

“Like she never was.”


Party Lines
Kimble whines and has indignation. Kal Penn is tiresomely repetitive. There is disputation. Tom is tenacious as he faces interference, ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill will and selfishness. Hannah looks into stuff. Reed Diamond lurks. The former POTUS is as helpful and protective as possible. Or is he? Kimble is argumentative. This is a bleak portrait of DC. There is no stanch fondness for Kimble.

What about the funerals of those who died in the attack? What happened to the FBI investigation of the attack? Tom is dutiful and makes a concerted effort. Kimble is horrid. Did Tom fake being harmless and ambitious all along? This was dull.

Best Lines:
“The wording is piss poor.”

“Tom, we got so lucky when you were shot.”

“I smell the barn on this.”

“Prove you deserve it.”

“What could go wrong?”

The Ninth Seat
What about the former Chief of Staff or the fired crazed General? Abe (Rob Morrow) is in Iraq looking for answers. Jason and Hannah found a massive weapons cache in the North Dakota. Tom needs to reassemble the Supreme Court. Reed Diamond and Linda Purl guest star. Abe finds it morally and ethically essential to annoy. A Senator pulls stunts due to maniacal hatred. Tom gets ANGRY and engages in emotional manipulation.

Hannah and Jason face a small town full of obvious weirdoes. Someone mentions the True Believers. Aaron whines like a teenager who had his playstaion taken away. Abe wants to challenge the White House narrative. Who is sending Abe info? Hannah and Jason read a creepy manifesto. And there is a big reveal that Catalan isn’t dead. How did he get that nickname anyway? Somehow the True Believers don’t recognise Hannah and Jason. Tom is reflective and comes to a decision on the Supreme Court. Where is Chuck? I’m confused about what the conspirators want. This was good.

Best Lines:
“He shot our President.”

“I make no promises.”

“Can we please dispense with the dramatic pause?”

“Shame on you!”

“We are a broken government.”

“This is public land.”
“Not anymore.”

“Very analogue.”

“I don’t have any friends.”

“A landing zone.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”
“And I don’t intend to.”

All You See Is Dark
The creeper neighbour, Hank, creeped over Adam 10 years ago and is still at it. Hank has moved back into his old house next to Adam’s. WTF? The perv (Michael Esper) lurks unnoticed doing unclear things for unclear reasons. Adam’s brother, Danny, interrogates him. The daughter is all PR. Hank spends money. John, the husband, annoys. Nina is shrugged off. This was not emotionally draining or tremendously creepy. Hank had a weird mother. What did Hank do? The female reporter, Bridey, is foul. Danny has a ‘Usual Suspects’ moment with Adam. Danny is suspicious of Adam who is weird. The daughter knows how sleazy her dad is. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“I came back but I didn’t come home.”

“Some sicko had a lair in the woods.”

“There goes my street cred with the grief groups.”
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