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Book Review: Patterns Of Interference

Star Trek Enterprise Rise Of The Federation: Patterns Of Interference by Christopher L. Bennett
Archer wants to create the (not yet named) Prime Directive. Section 31 does daring provocations and various cock-led men lack emotional sensitivity. A deliberately melodramatic baddie is inherently wrong as well as being an obvious Trump pastiche. Archer has a chilling aloofness and thinks he is above everyone. Trip has social dislocation, nobody cares. This was relentlessly bad lacking any compulsive scenes or risk taking.

I don’t care that Trip is paranoid and self-destructive. Shran’s character is derailed by resentment toward Archer so the writer can make Archer look better and the writer really goes overboard trying to make Archer sensitive and vulnerable. Loads of characters are psychotic thugs so you don’t care that they are low, unloved and lonely. There is no moral discovery or legitimate alarm or moral interrogation.

The fact that TPTB make Archer their creator’s pet and cover him in purported glory and make everyone else unenlightened and send them on a shame march is not a sign of confidence in Archer’s merits. Hot button social issues du jour are also crudely shoe-horned in. I felt no emotional investment in this.
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