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Movie Reviews: Phoenix Forgotten + 2 others

Phoenix Forgotten (2017)
Ridley Scott is a producer of this found footage mess. Is it found footage or a mockeumentary? TPTB seem unsure and it lacks all sense of sinister menace. This is inspired by a real life incident that was seen in the skies over Phoenix in 1997. Anyway 3 teens went missing in 1997 and the sister of one of them is filming her feelings about that 20 years later. Who is filming her? Before the teens vanished strange lights were seen in the sky.

This does not crackle with intensity nor is it joyously melancholic. There is bad acting and no narrative ingenuity. There is no urban dissatisfaction as a dodge looking teenager named Josh has emotional drama, ‘The X Files’ theme music plays and the ADR is appalling. I had a reasonable aspiration for a decent film but this has no serious credentials.

Josh fancies a blonde girl who talks about Ezekiel’s Wheel. So he, blondie and another friend of theirs went into the desert to look for aliens and they never returned. Josh’s footage is shown. Josh is wearisome. There is 90s hair and creepy cops. The trio went into a remote area and vanished but now the wonk eyed sister will learn what became of them when an old camera is found in dubious circumstances.

Josh had beady-eyed fanaticism about aliens. Dialogue is mumbled. This was not slyly intoxicating and is not a tale of the emotional burden of the missing. Is there protective secrecy around UFOS or do people have baseless paranoia? Nothing hideously sinister happens. There is more mumbling. Who assembled all this? How did the ‘lost’ footage survive? Josh and his 2 friends bickered and saw odd lights and had no emotional resources. They got lost; there were weird noises and a compass that didn’t work. There was a climax of bad acting, bright lights and screaming.

The 3 long lost idiots felt under no obligation to flee from a threat, at first. The twits with self regard contravened logic and faced lunacy inducing weirdness. This film is spectacularly awful. If as assumed radiation caused the dead animals, nosebleeds, hair falling out and sickness - how did the camera and footage survive?

Best Lines:
“I hope it was our air force.”

“Can you learn to focus?”

“Everyone’s divorced now.”

“Cars don’t have one light.”

“The car isn’t going.”

“You scared of sky people?”

“Run bitch.”

“Set it outside of the norm.”

“It went missing with them.”

Being John Malkovich (1999)

Young Frankenstein (1974)
No, this is all ignorance and belligerence.
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