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Book Review: Fear In A Handful Of Dust

Fear In A Handful Of Dust by Brian Garfield
This is a good tale of malevolent patience that is a reprint of a 1978 novel published under the original title of ‘Fear’ and the pen name John Ives. An escaped mental patient abducts the four psychiatrists he blames for his incarceration in the mental hospital. He strands them, naked and afraid, in the desert and leaves them to die.

This is a good survival tale leaving aside the 70s sexism and racism and shrugged off wife beating, also the villain suffers a knee injury that is forgotten about. Why was there no apparent police search for the escaped loony? Or the 4 missing people? How did the loony find them anyway?

Faults aside this is an engrossing tale of forces of destruction, a revenge plan of lunatic grandiosity and a baddie with hammy nastiness who is a full-time scumbag.

Best Lines:
“The trail had been signposted with cattle skulls and human skeletons.”

“A woman to ease his nights and make inconsequential talk.”
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