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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘American Horror Story’ 7x03 promo
Clowns and guns.

Best Line:
“People aren’t scared enough.”

‘Star Trek Discovery’ teaser
There is staring, brooding and yet it looks too advanced to be pre ‘TOS’. WTF is going on? There is fighting, flair uniforms, actors who can’t emote through make-up, bushes and an interesting debate about elitism. This looks good.

‘Waco’ promo
Big names star in this 6 part TV event about the cult stand off. A guy with a mullet leads a 51 day stand off. There are fire, protestors and a sniper. Looks okay.

‘Annihilation’ trailer
Natalie Portman stars in this book adaptation. It looks weird. There is weirdness. Is it aliens? Gina Rodriguez, Oscar Isaac, Tessa Thompson and Jennifer Jason Leigh co-star. The tower shows up. Mmmm.

‘Arrow’ season 6 promo
Oliver whines.

Best Line:
“Threats that are undoubtedly coming.”

‘Creep 2’ trailer
Another documentarian is brought into the life of an unsettling oddball. Maybe.

‘Final Recall’ trailer
Wesley Snipes and some morons in the woods face down aliens. No.

‘The Snowman’ TV spot

‘Acceptable Risk’ promo

Polenta cake - mmm.

The Mist’ is cancelled?

There may be a ‘Scanners’ TV show?

I rewatched ‘The Lost Boys’, man I detest Jason Patric’s character.

I loved YSL’s Champagne perfume.

There may be a ‘Coming To America 2’ and a ‘Lucy 2’? Why?

There is a ‘Flight of the Navigator’ reboot? Why?

There is a ‘Little Women’ musical?

There is to be a ‘Hocus Pocus 2’? Why?

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Deal with whatever the consequences of that might be,”

“The pure delicious pleasure of not caring any more about other people or herself.”

“Post-sex escape.”

“Maximum proof.”

“Annoy citizens with their behaviour.”

“Contact incidents.”

‘Coast’ Quotes:
“Elite cliff assault team.”

“The cliffs of occupied France.”

‘Back’ Quotes:
“Smell the rank stench of the guy next to you.”

“We’re not in the EU now.”

“Quite nice boring people.”

“Fat ratio.”

“Lads need to learn to drink in pubs. The alternative: staying at home, not drinking, can lead to jihad.”

‘FTWeekened’ Quotes:

“See a higher purpose for their endeavours.”

“Cultivates an air of mystery.”

“Repression machine.”

“Have that name etched in your collective memory.

“You can see the hate.”

“Catwalk photographers are still treated with a threat.”

“Recants this approach.”

“Singers should only perform music to which they had a cultural link.”

“A flock of ceramic ducks flying across her living-room floor.”

“Creative lawyering.”

“Search engine optimisation.”

“Whose predicted achievements were dramatically overstated.”

“Not good enough even for them.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Long-dead evil.”

“Malice that has bestirred itself, and setting that malice to work.”

“The implications terrible.”

“Dispatched narratives.”

“Thrived on the back of seeming indifference to its consumers,”

“When the doorbell rings, families sit stock still, eyeballing one another in mute dread, and the sure and certain knowledge that no good can possibly come from the unexpected peal of a doorbell in a silent house.”

“A table, not just to eat on, but to live around.”

“Fat rugby has-been.”
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