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Designated Survivor (2016-2019) 1x01 + iZombie 2x17 Reviewed

This was an okay start to a show that could be interesting.Tom (Kiefer Sutherland) sits out the State of the Union. He has an annoying wife and dumb kids. There is a massive attack and the US is left ideologically rudderless. There is bad acting. This has a nice title card. Natascha McElhone, Kal Penn, Maggie Q and Malik Yoba co-star. Tom's son is obviously morally low. The annoying kids are comically unnecessary. This is not brilliantly realised but Kiefer has his confident swagger.

Before the attack Tom is treated as an irritating buffoon and is as irrelevant as he fears he is. People utter incessant gibber. There are unsubtle hints of the impending chaos. Politicians with bad hair are insufferable. There is no narrative propulsion. Tom was billy-no-mates with the POTUS. Nobody talks of Tom in awed tones. This was not diabolically dark or superficially credible.

Tom seems less than able to cope with the challenges of life. Scenes with Tom’s annoying wife and kids aren’t significant in any plot-advancing way. This is none-too-subtle. Can Tom survive the cynical principles of DC? Tom is now POTUS due to the attack. Tom is sworn in as POTUS in a corridor - why does the POTUS’ wife always have to hold the bible? Even when he is POTUS, people ignore Tom. Maggie Q is an FBI agent.

Tom says the Secret Service are the best in the world. But they didn’t prevent the attack! Tom gets the nuclear football. The idiot drug dealer son takes up plot time. Who carried out the attack? Iran is menaced. The White House Chief of Staff lurks and plots with a crazed General.

Best Lines:
“History makes us.”

“You are not loved!”

“Hard charging.”

“Let me go woman.”

“Eagle is gone.”

Reflections Of The Way Liv Used To Be
Everyone has hysterics in singularly unpromising fashion. This was not viscerally emotive. No-one treats anyone with civility. There are no leavening influences in this non-compelling ep. Blaine is intractably boring. Nobody is calm and resolved. Everything lacks logic and purpose. There is no volatile emotional terrain. Liv is selfish and a nuisance. I feel pure concentrated rage at these people. The evil CEO mocks his zombie daughter. Liv isn’t physically menacing just overwrought, performative and pretentious. Major is arrested. This was crap.

Best Lines:
“Inspire negative reactions in people.”

“You’re a threat to human existence.”
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