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Movie Review: The Boy Next Door (2015)

A teacher (Jennifer Lopez) makes a dreadful Macron style misjudgement when she boffs her son’s friend. His essential ugliness comes out as he becomes a constant terrifying presence in her life and poses a significant risk and causes bitter disputes. The man candy has a negative impact despite having no potential for harm. She can do nothing as she doesn’t want any direct condemnation of her acts. This is not thoughtful or frank, just full of shouty shenanigans and the accompanying theatrics. This is wilfully infuriating and has no elegant madness.

There is no tense enmity or tragic consequences or deep existential pain or moral philosophy. She’s theatrically furious and he has demanding and entitled behaviour. Curse JLo and her sexual voracity. This is an experience in failure. It’s comically irrational and the hunk of meat sees her as his sexual destiny and has ruthless focus on her.

JLo tries to maintain ostensible normality despite his malicious intentions and simmering resentment and discourteous acts. The ludicrous becomes routine and notions of threat and danger are entirely absent despite all the wildly over-elaborate hostility and opposition. This was bad and where is all the smoke during the fire?
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