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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Little Evil’ trailer
A stepdad thinks his son is evil incarnate risen up from hell. The kid does have a goat hand puppet. This looks hilarious.

Best Line:
“Top of the dick chain.”

“What good thing has ever happened in a cornfield?”

‘Applecart’ trailer
Cabin in the wood weirdness. Maybe.

‘American Horror Story’ 7x04 promo
More crazy and clowns and screaming.

‘The Walking Dead’ promo
No Wildean wit here. WTF are they feeding the tiger?

‘Fear Factor’ promo

Muller pud mmMousse Belgian dark chocolate - good.
Organic almond salted caramels - yum.

Cuius est colum, eius est usque ad coelum et ad inferos.

No Tinc Por.

Anyone see ‘Return To Me’ (2000)? Or ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’ (1969)? Or ‘A Shot In The Dark’, ‘Apollo 13’ or ‘Apocalypse Now’?

I won’t read ‘The Break’ or ‘My Absolute Darling’.

Anyone read ‘Tom Brown’s Schooldays’?

I will review ‘One Dark Throne’, ‘Little Fires Everywhere’, ’Inhumans’ and ‘Designated Survivor’ season 1.

What is ruby chocolate? There is Syrian wine?

What is chocolate nemesis? Or chard? Or rabbit sauce? Or dried pine pollen? Or dried berry tea? Or acorn jelly?

There is strawberry wine!

What sort of jerk complains about a restaurant, the electric bill and a fridge magnet? The same jerk who causes a scene in a restaurant and messes up the bathroom at night. The same kind of person who badmouths people behind their backs. And is also thankless and whiny and demanding and rude.

WTF is going on on the ‘Riverdale’ set?

‘Ain’t It Cool’ Quote:
A Darth Vader fan boy who has, like, extreme mental issues.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Best and final.”

“Best conclusive result.”

“The wreckage of that conflict - unresolved to this day-”

“A form of government they dislike.”

“Seemed to imply condemnation.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Unplanned exhumation.”

“Having done little of commercial interest in the past decade,”

“Planning a coup.”

“Clean meat.”

“Casualties of uninhibited freedom,”

“Driven beyond obvious rationality-”

“Some ungraspable reparation.”

“Relentless refusal to surrender to what has happened.”

“The usefulness of vengeance and the imperative to rebuild.”

“I don’t have any more prostitutes in me,”

“Need to look appealing - but not too appealing,”


“Various end-products of Disney Channel’s childhood-snatching process.”

“Health treatments that even Shirley MacLaine might regard as preposterously fringe.”

“Incident-packed story.”

“To create characters who are not good people.”

“Do they have motivation independent of the hero’s?”

“Expressing themselves through shopping.”

“Wells of hatred.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Mentally deranged US dotard.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Grilling figs could be dicey.”

“Drink wine through a straw.”

“A pumpkin once arrived business class from Italy-”

“Uncompromising love.”

“Very site-driven.”

“Campus taunts.”

“Sexual paranoia.”

“An anti-intellectual tenor.”

“Shame circle.”

“Equity justifications and explanations.”

“Shouted down by profanity.”

“The most challenging smell is driven off.”

“Faecal hum,”

“You couldn’t buy a 94-room chateau for a song.”

“It leaks in about five places and I put champagne buckets out to catch the drips.”

“18th-century stone floor tiles.”

“Two horrible sons.”

“The uniform might be bra tops and hotpants.”

‘3News’ Quote:
Was refused entry.”
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