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Book Review: Leia Princess Of Alderaan

Star Wars: Leia Princess Of Alderaan by Claudia Gray
From the author of ‘Lost Stars’ and ‘Bloodline’ comes this inept boring tale that endeavours to tell how 16 year old Leia got her rebellious defiance. Her adoptive parents are awful and have a fervent belief in their own righteousness and moral codes and moral leadership. They have arrogant distain with no hint of explanation or apology for their dumb actions.

We see where Leia got her self-congratulatory streak. She signals rebellion by being annoying. Various annoying characters run around. I quickly rescinded all interest in this and fail to see how Leia endeared herself to all or why she joined the rebellion on an aspirational whim.

Best Line:
“These are the things the Empire can never take away.”
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