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Book Reviews: S.T.A.G.S + Deluge

S.T.A.G.S by M.A. Bennett
An ancient boarding school is populated by pupils who have unearned advantages and who may be brutal psychopaths. 3 misfit pupils are invited to a huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ weekend only to find out that they are they pry. Cue coldly furious over smiling creeps, a comparatively impractical murder plot, toxic stress and rich wankers terrifying in their certainty who wish to deliberately and gleefully eradicate the lower orders.

The rich kids who are unsettlingly convincing see technology and progress as a cultural catastrophe. So they will deal out injurious violence along their path of darkness. On this weekend, madness happens. There will be violent and threatening language, gadsome ways, inappropriate loyalty and an irreversible impact as dumb narcissistic dimwits who are irrepressibly sleazy and have scary anger issues have nefarious intent toward the unwanted 3 misfits.

The 3 misfit heroes are immodestly pathetic and things come to the inevitable conclusion. Naturally there is a twist that leaves the heroes with a certain dread. This has readability and is very good but the constant movie references grate.

Deluge by Richard Doyle
This 1976 novel written pre Thames barrier has a striking cover and depicts London flooded by a storm surge. People die and a man has to save his wife from a submerged tube station. This was good and memorable. Doyle apparently published an updated version called ‘Flood’ in 2007.
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