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Girls 1x08-1x10 Reviewed

Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too
What is cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter? Adam and Hannah hang out. There is no ever increasing interest. Adam’s ears are mocked. This is not emotion laden. Marnie mopes over Charlie. These are very dumb people. Adam jogs shirtless and musters every drop of weirdness he can muster. There is no unexpected pathos. Marnie had deadpan distain for Charlie. Hannah has oppressive feelings of unhappiness, blank misery and inept desperation.

Jessa and Marnie are incapable of enjoying any place or person without instantly expressing hatred for it or them. Marnie’s selfishness is not to be contemplated without horror. Hannah is incapable of dispelling fuss or thwarting attention. Why did this show get so much attention? Marnie and Jessa bitch about Hannah. Adam gets in the shower with Hannah and pees. This was okay even if Chris O’Dowd showed up.

Best Lines:

“I don’t do ice-cream, it’s like sweet mucus.”

“I’m not even wearing any underwear. Where would I put cash?”

“Yo, skank. Where you at?”

“You’re still doing it! Stop it!”

Leave Me Alone
Hannah meets a successful former college classmate and a former college lecturer. Marnie is awful. Adam acts with aggression. This essentially bores. Jessa avoids saying anything striking or memorable. Why is Adam so violently confrontational? He’s not agreeably mad just simmering with rage and full of uncontested dissent. There is mumbling and Marnie is sick of Hannah. So she and Hannah fight.

Best Lines:
“Does that not give me, like, one night off from talking about you and your problems?”

“Adam says you are teetering on the edge of psychotic misery.”

She Did
Adam drags Marnie’s stuff down the stairs as she moves out. I didn’t hear her say thanks. Hannah’s been chasing Adam and now she doesn’t want him. His hair has grown. Jessa marries Thomas-John (Chris O’Dowd), the guy she just met in 1x09. Nobody has a moral objection. Hannah hurts Adam emotionally as is her wont.

He has persistent aggression. Hannah can’t mange anything with dignity. Adam has ungovernable rage. This show has no significant strategic purpose. Adam is hit by a car. He, quite sensibly, won’t let Hannah in the ambulance. This was really bad. Hannah is objectionable and has a maddening belief in herself. Hannah is blatantly psychotic. I don’t care to see the rest of this show or the huge, unforeseen consequences of this ep.

Best Line:
“Don’t let her in here. She’s a monster.”
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