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Book Review: Phasma

Star Wars: Phasma by Delilah D. Dawson
A captured Resistance spy tells an affectionless stormtropper, the origin story of Phasma and her sinister intent, incompatible principles, pitiless irrationality and egotism. The stormtrooper is just the right amount of world weary to listen to the story of the emotional mayhem and worse unleashed by the malicious Phasma. This is a good origin story for the dread-bane Phasma.

General Hux senior shows up full of intellectual abnegation, he collects petty grievances and everything triggers his anger and annoyance. General Hux jnr and his ill-founded snobbery also shows up. This takes place sometime after ‘Bloodline’ so with bitter inevitability Kylo Ren is mentioned but does not appear.

So we’re still not clear what caused such a decisive shift in Ben Solo that he developed such a nostalgic hankering for the grandfather he never knew, to the extent of becoming Kylo Ren. I enjoyed this, logic gaps aside.

Best Lines:
“She’s got to act normal, which means belligerent.”

“One day-and it’s coming-”

“Not that he deserved his current end, bleeding out on the floor.”

“If you get tired of sending children planetside to oppress innocent populations with blasters and flamethrowers.”

“Suffer in an amusing way.”

“This lockstep hellscape you call the First Order.”

“Pound on one another with riot batons.”

“Made the foolish decision to trust her.”

“Armitage, just like Kylo Ren, seems to appreciate a certain starkness in his person and in his quarters.”

“We are very forgiving of those who choose to serve us.”

“Fades from consequence.”

“In a professionally violent sort of way,”
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