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Movie Reviews: My Favorite Wife + Nightflyers

My Favorite Wife (1940)
Cary Grant and Randolph Scott star in this tale of Grant whose 1st wife was shipwrecked off Indochina. A deaf sexist judge babbles. Grant has his 1st wife declared legally dead and marries a shrew. Then his 1st wife shows up and his 2nd wife has hysterics. Her children are dumb and nobody locks their door. The 1st wife was rescued by a Portuguese freighter. Her husband didn’t take his kids to his 2nd wedding. This was terrible in every way.

Best Lines:
“Wash your face instead of paint it.”

“Fever ridden pest hole.”

“Forgive me for not drowning.”

“Is she nice?”

Nightflyers (1987)
This was BAD. Apparently Syfy are adapting the George RR Martin novella that inspired this into a TV show. Why?
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