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The Day of the Triffids (1981) review, Part 1

The classic novel about intelligent, walking, killer carnivore plants was adapted by the BBC into this scary 6-parter. The BBC are planning to remake it which cannot be a good thing seeing as how ‘Bonekickers’ and the ‘Survivors’ remake turned out to be disasters.

Ep 1
This has creepy opening credits, the BBC have lost their skill for making creepy opening credits. Yes this show looks dated and stagey, the lighting is far too bright and the cold war paranoia is a bit much but this show is creepy. The strange plants known as Triffids just appeared one day and were accepted as they produced oil and some people treated them as pets. But one day, shooting stars render most of the world’s population blind and the Triffids rebel.

Our hero Bill Mason is one of the few sighted people left, he escapes his hospital and realises that civilization is but a memory and that fibre glass plant life is rampaging. This was full of tension and menace and was good. A flashback shows Bill’s father (W Morgan Sheppard of ‘Elvira, Mistress of the Dark’) taking an axe to a Triffid in their back garden.

Best Lines:
“I think they’re talking.”

“Perfectly safe if he keeps it on some sort of chain and cuts the sting out every couple of years

Ep 2
Everyone’s blind. Mason wanders around looking like a pimp and is menaced by blind football hooligans. Another sighted person Jo shows up dressed in hideous early 80’s style. She has no self-preservation skills and is menaced by an elderly blind man. Bill has to save her. Jo has ceiling eyes but cannot act.

This show is 28 years old; note the huge fuzzy dice in the car. This was okay.

Ep 3
Jo and Bill are menaced by a mob of the blind after stupidly driving toward them. Bill gets some Triffid guns. Triffids attack some people. Jo sports a mullet. Bill and Jo find a group of people. This was not good; it was the weakest ep so far.

Ep 4
The group of people Jo and Bill found have been taken over forcefully by Coker, a deranged leader in a spotless Aran sweater. Bill and Jo are enslaved to different groups of bind people and ordered to keep them alive and fed (who dresses and washes them isn’t explained). The Triffids aren’t seen for most of this ep, instead a mysterious disease that causes fever, sores and death shows up. This was okayish.
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