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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Last Post’ promo

‘Mr Mercedes’ promo
We’ll see.

‘Inhumans’ trailer
Inhumans on the moon! It sounds like a 80s parody. There is weird VFX and Rag N Bone Man sings over the trailer. WTF is with the normal gravity and presence of oxygen on the moon? There is staring by a scruffy dude. A woman wears a bad red wig and a lavender dress. So the Inhumans are smug, violent, racist twats. Okay then.

‘The Flash’ season 4 promo
Reeks of creepitude.

‘Hatchimals’ ad

‘Dolphin Magic Barbie’ ad

‘The Jungle Bunch’ TV spot

‘Mysticons’ ad

‘Forces Of Destiny’ ad

Mixed peppercorn & garlic butter - good.

I will read ‘Leia’ and ‘S.T.A.G.S’.

There is carrot ketchup?

They’re rebooting ‘Halloween’ again?

RIP Harry Dean Stanton.

Anyone see ‘Paris, Texas’?

Recall the 2003 ‘Taken’?

Watched some of the ‘Marple’ ep ‘Nemesis’: Marple looks into a girl named Verity. This does not depict aching loss. There is a phonograph message. Dan Stevens, Richard E Grant and George Cole feature. There are murder, brattishness, disempowered police and the self-contained Marple. This has potential for proving a disappointment.

Best Lines:
“A servant family?”

“Dark and dreadful deeds.”

“Right a dreadful wrong.”

‘Southside People’ Quotes:
“Low ruffians and abandoned females.”

“Receptacle of abomination.”

“Wretched den.”

“Desperate occurrences take place in it.”

“Horrid nuisance.”

“Singing the most indecent songs.”

“Turn away with shame.”

“Respectable females.”

“Before whose door this creature slowly moves?”

“A friend to morality.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Implications for their working life.”

“Fire brigade noise.”

“We have vast amounts of wall.”

“Electrical people.”

“Transgenerational impact.”

“Team song.”

“Jersey day.”

“Think in.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Live on a corner.”

“Got himself arrested.”

“Running around the house with a knife and pills.”

“Don’t consider it to be a transgression.”

“Run them off.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Drink away an afternoon in an old-man’s pub dressed in full bondage attire.”

“Drives men away from her.”

“Regional engagement.”

“Work elimination.”

“There is a belief system that we should grieve for years.”


“Shame them into moving or ceasing their activity.”

“You’re just one pill away from a meltdown in a soap.”

“Loved beyond their reach.”

“Provincial malice misses no opportunity to show off its cruellest self.”

“We do not intend to sign, ratify or ever become party to it,”

“A posse of louts and misfits in tow.”

“Not infrequent decisions to abandon the family.”

“Male satisfaction.”

“Male prerogative for both self-and social respect.”

“Bears no connection to any effort on his part.”

“The ever-present risk of institutionalisation for intentionally, or unintentionally, bringing social shame on male relations.”

“Fun is happening elsewhere.”

“The plague of democracy.”

“Cultural pessimism.”

“Cultural practices.”

“Policies of exclusion.”

“Accepted narrative.”

“Facts of sufficient significance.”

‘3 News’ Quote:
“Death plunge.”

‘Last Days’ Quote:
“The adepts were like Big Issue sellers in Hammer Horror robes.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: They changed the opening credits, again. Billy Idol plays on the soundtrack. Myra dresses like a Jackson Pollock. Warren dumps Sienna. Nancy is a bitch. She doesn’t have pure righteous anger. Darren is eely. Will he just punch his bitch wife out? Warren is a non-event nemesis. Simone has barely concealed malice. Who is Joel’s mother? Darren cries. Zack cries. Who’s Nathan? What is the tattoo on Grace’s back? Nancy is yelled at by Jack and Darren gets 6 months in jail. Warren and Sienna are to marry in a restaurant? Grace stabs Warren in badly choreographed scene. Warren doesn’t die. Sienna learns about Grace and Warren.

Best Lines:
“Demented cow.”

“Your whole life has been an embarrassment to me.”

“Actually insane.”

“An extra 2 grand. My daughter wants a pony.”

“He chose her. Again.”

“Learn to hate him.”

“Cheap plonk.”


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