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Kings Ep 1&2 Reviewed

Goliath Part 1&2

This is a very strange show. It is very stylised and people don’t speak, they orate. It has a certain something so I’ll keep watching. There is much scene setting with subtitles about the Kingdom of Gilboa, its capital Shiloh and its rival neighbour Gath.

There are a multitude of characters that include King Silas (Ian McShane) who orates like King Lear. A country boy named David who saves Silas’ son Jack during the endless war with Gath. There is Abner, Silas’ general. Jack the whining and closeted son. Jack’s sister Michelle who kisses David. Silas’ evil corporation heading brother-in-law. Silas also has a mistress and a son.

All these characters speak portentously, including David who monologues Gath into peace. This is different and while this ep is somewhat dull, it does make you want to keep watching.

Best Lines:
We give up what we want when we want power.”

“You cannot be what God made you, not if you mean to take my place.”

“You may have built this country, but I paid for it.”
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