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Book Review: Young & Damned & Fair

Young & Damned & Fair: The Life and Tragedy of Catherine Howard at the Court of Henry VIII by Gareth Russell
This is a very good reappraisal of the life and times of Catherine Howard, so contemptuously dismissed as a dumb slut by so many. This is an emotive tale of the world she lived in and how she lived. Before she was rose so suddenly to greatness only to be dispatched in a way that was chilling in its mercilessness.

Best Lines:
“Made a suitably self-effacing response as virtuous maidens inevitably did.”

“Her successor had followed her into the grave.”

“Feuds were endemic.”

“No more spoken of than if she were dead.”

“Beneficiary of the misfortune of others.”

“Consistently liked.”

“An overestimation of her power.”

“A life without restrictions.”

“Not blessed with gifts of subtlety.”

“Accusations of whoredom were an occupational hazard for royal women,”

“To please him was the only way to guarantee her position.”

“A queen who was incapable of controlling the morals of her staff was likely to be considered incapable of governing her own.”

“Ran off with a penniless clergyman,”

“Whose ability to play the victim, was matched by a determination never to play the role quietly.”

“King Henry did not necessarily regard that as a negative development.”

“Open and murderous hatred.”

“The pall of present uncertainty and approaching disaster settled over the Queen’s apartments.”

“The truth that could ruin her.”

“Whose wish to be summoned to London had not come true in quite the way she had hoped.”

“The writings she liked not.”

“God knoweth what hath been done sithence.”

“Passed beyond the chance of reprieve.”

“Meeting at night in a lavatory did not suggest the purest intent.”
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