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American Horror Story: Roanoke part 2 Reviewed

Chapter 4
Matt and Shelby have deepening mistrust and mutual peril and underlying purposefulness. Mr Piggy lurks. There are toxic accusations and paranoid mistrust and dissent. There is dark magic afoot. Elias the exposition spewing loon shows up. Shelby is useless and repellent. This ep causes ever-diminishing interest. The medium meets the witch (Lady Gaga) and has flashbacks to the not so lost colony. The Butcher had displeasure and indignation. There are implacable enemies, back-story and no unfettered mercy. The ill-fated fools are unstable and pathetic.

Best Lines:
“An offering so great, it consecrated this ground.”

“Pocket book of chants.”

Chapter 5
Evan Peters prances and overacts with exuberance as a rich aristo. A historian who can’t act lurks. There is a flashback to grimmer times. The Polks show up and they have antipathy to people who aren’t like them. Shelby and Matt are horribly ungrateful. The Polks are cannibals. Matt and Shelby face utter ruin. Is this all inventive lies? Who paid for Shelby’s emergency medical care and where was she tended to?

Chapter 6
The reality show depicted in Chapters 1to 5 was the TV success story of 2015. Now Matt and Shelby are separated and the horrible show runner wants to do a reunion. Did Lee kill her husband? There is a lack of compassion toward Agnes, the actress who played The Butcher and had a breakdown as a result. There is a The Butcher action figure sight gag. The show runner is a massive jerk.
There was romance on set and a shock reveal. The dead walk. Shelby has an entitled look. After all the madcap lunacy, why would anyone return to the house? It is not rational or considered. Nobody is especially likeable. Lee has real concern for Monet (the actress who played her). There is mutual loathing as people act acrimoniously. Shelby slept with Dominic (who played Matt). There is fighting and death. This was good. Alas poor Rory.

Best Lines:
“It’s familiar but it’s different.”

“I have no intention of finding out who that is.”

“Is that bad?”

Chapter 7
Agnes has cracked and is mythologizing herself. Dominic wants to be a reality TV villain. There is death, Polks and cannibalism. There is no emotional truth and Shelby is the worst. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I think he’s dead.”
“You think?”
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