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Book Review: The October Horse

The October Horse by Colleen McCullough
Caesar faces the Ides of March and Brutus and the other assassins face Octavian, a man who will finish what Caesar started. This overlong dullness is a staggering indictment of what happens when there’s no editor and little dramatic structure.

Best Line:
“Not fit to clean vomit off the streets!”

“The frugal master of his bodily appetites.”

“I do not like my wife. I have never liked my wife.”

“Paled to insignificance beside the hitherto inoffensive Brutus’ cold hearted rejection of his poor, blameless sweet little wife.”

“A will incapable of bending.”

“What’s going to happen on the Ides of March, old man?”
“Your life will be imperilled!”
“I thank you for the warning,”
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