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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Pitch Perfect 3’ promo

‘Liar’ promo
A new ITV drama with Ioan Gruffudd. No.

‘American Assassin’ TV spot
Looks taste free.

Lavender Lady cocktail - yum.
Striploin steak - yum.
Oysters with lemon - yum.
Sea salted caramels - chewy.

They are making ‘Jeepers Creepers 3&4’ - WHY?

I won’t review ‘Colony’ 2x10 ‘The Garden Of Beasts’.

‘Blackadder II’ Quotes:
“Your breath comes straight from satan’s bottom.”

“Been in your family since 1532.”
“So has syphilis.”

“Cutting his toenails with a scythe.”

“Aggressive drunken lout.”

“A fearful oik.”

“Chairs are an invention of satan!”

“Two spikes would be an extravagance.”

“Suffer comfort.”

“Mashing is also the work of Beelzebub!”

“People to fornicate with.”

“Cold is god’s way of telling us to burn more Catholics!”

“Evidence of sex.”

“Drink is urine from the last leper in hell!”

“Satan and all his little wizards.”

“Naughty parchments.”

“Evil plots.”

“Nursie milk or cow milk.”

“Evil Prince Ludwig.”

“Face. Sodding. Your. Shut.”

“Gloating is a sign of insecurity.”

“Ranting and raving about power.”

“Englander scum.”

“Die and be buried.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Living off the earnings of prostitution.”

“Had his passport seized by court order.”

“His apparent lack of discernment.”
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